Happy New Year! :)

 Skirt, used as Top: THRIFTED || Skirt: PINK MANILA
Shoes: THRIFTED || Necklace, used as bracelet: BUBBLES

Happy New Year Dolls! :D How's your first day of 2012 so far? Me, I'm starting it with my very first outfit post of the year. I have actually worn this outfit during a Christmas Party / get-together with my friends last December (Colorful Christmas Party) but I decided to re-wear & repost this. This outfit screams so much happiness that I wanted to welcome the coming year with such good vibes.

I hope you're having a great new year's day.  For now I'll be out with my family for our first ever dinner together for the year. Wishing you all a great 2012 ahead of you.

Thanks for reading!
Much love,


verna joyce abril said…
sexy nyo po :D Sana mkasama ko rin fave bloggers ko soon sa magazine
Kaye Awatin said…
Nice dress! Happy New Year Rovie!

Jenine Semilla said…
Gorgeous! :) Happy New Year Rovie!
thanks jenine! happy new year too <3
thanks kaye! :)
hi verna!thanks so much im so flattered with your comment :)
eden said…
always gorgeous you are, rovie! how many heads did you turn in this outfit? bet you lost count. happy new year love!

toni pino said…
your shoes cant be thrifted, they're too pretty! i could never find shoes like this in mint condition while thrifting, looking good, dear!

toni perfumed red shoes
Denise said…
i love the pink outfit rovie!:)
Nicely put together! Happy New Year Rovie! :)

Tanya said…
Hi there! Chanced upon this blog through bloghopping and I'm glad I did. You have lovely outfit posts. :)

Such a lovely look! Love the colors in this outfit. ☺ Thanks for dropping by my humble blog, Rovie! Hope to see you this 2012!

Karina Dinda Rachmawati said…
You look so pretty dear! Lovely outfit :) Mind to follow each other? http://li-lo-la.blogspot.com ^^
hi arnie! you have a very nice blog!! hope to see you this year :D
thanks for visiting my humble blog :D:D
thanks pau :) happy new year!!
thank you denise :)
yes toni its a great find!! :D when i saw on a thrift store, I instantly bought it :D
happy new year! Thanks eden!! :D

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