2011 was a Great Year Because... (Part 2)

I know, I know. Its already 2012 but its only now that I'm finishing of my 2011 greatest memories. I've been a very busy child, and I had a lot of gatherings that I attended to. Anyways, going back, let me show you the other half of the reasons why 2011 was one my greatest years so far.

It was never in my wildest dream that a day will come and I'll be featured in a top magazine, especially in Cosmopolitan. I will forever be grateful that I joined (my favorite blogger) Laureen Uy's contest, picked the best t-shirt that describes myself and gave the BESTest answer. I can remember how I jumped up & down (like a crazy little girl) when I recieved a message from Laureen saying that I won the contest. I was so ecstatic. I can't believe that: (1) I'lll be on a photoshoot (2) with the blogger I idolize (3) on Cosmopolitan! 

It was truly an awesome experience! To be dolled up by professional make-up artists, be styled by a top fashion stylist, and be in a shoot in a studio with great photographers -- is beyond my imagination. Again, thank you Laureen Uy for this opportunity.
 Luckily, I was able to meet other great fashuion bloggers too, like Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon & David Guison. Also I made a new friend with fellow winner, Kath Perez :)
Cosmopolitan Magazine, Nov 2011 Issue

Blogging introduced me to awesome people
I probably would not continue blogging if it wasn't for the different blogs that I came across and started to love. Luckily this year, I was able to meet the people behind the blogs that inspired (& inspires) me to bring out my fashionable side
From Bloggers United 2: Kookie B, Eden V., Seph&Shai, Pax & Melai, and Maureen
Ava,  Angel, Sarah & Bestie
Met Marie Castro who made me her +1 on the Meg Up &Coming Event
And of course, meeting Rochelle, my first ever blog giveaway sponsor :) 

Paolo & Rovie Adventures (just became super awesome) in 2011
Travelling is something Paolo and I love to do. Its our luxury - being able to roam around and spend quality time together on different destinations.This year, Pao and I went to a lot of places outside Luzon and we're just happy that we were able to step foot in Luzon, Visayas &Mindanao. 
Cebu (Jan 2011)
Baguio (March 2011,)
 Davao  (September 2011)
 CDO (September 2011)
 Boracay (June 2011)
And celebrating our 7th year together, Sept 16, 2011

For the year 2012, we are planning our first out of the country trip together. (I am so kilig cause we're already booked and planning to celebrate Valentines on Singapore & Indonesia) :D

2011 Made me healthier & wiser :)
2010 was a bit hard for me cause it was a year where I had a major surgery. Luckily, I am fully recovered this year and with good news my condition is slowly improving (no need for another major procedure). Moreover, 2011 marked the year where I prioritized savings and investments over other material things (yes tha'ts why I am always on bargain hunt!). Other than saving 20% from my salary, I also started investing on my life insurance. Future comes first! :)

These are probably the reasons why 2011 was a great year for me. I started a blog, met new acquiantances, gained  a lot of first time experiences. Now, I am more excited to face 2012 as I can't wait to facee the new experiences that this year will offer. I hope you guys cherish 2011 and live each day of 2012 (and the coming years) to the fullest.


Thanks for reading. (And I hope this year, you'll read more :D)


happy new year Rovie! :) hope you have more blessings this year! :) glad you had a good 2011.
thank you dear!! happy new year!! :D:D
Kaye Awatin said…
What a great year that was! wishing for a year of more opportunities for you Rovie!

Chyrel Gomez said…
blogging really takes you to places and 2011 was soooo great to me as well! happy new year! :)
happy new year!! :D hope to meet you this year!!! :D
thanks kaye :D:D

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