Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Yesterday, I made a blogpost about the sheer maxi skirt I wore when I helped Paolo with his Christmas Shopping last Thursday. Since I knew that the shopping will definitely kill my feet, I decided to wear flats and opted for an animal print-on-print look. And because Pao and I wanted to test his photography skills, we tried some walking shots. Haha! Hope it passed your standards (especially for those photography professionals out there) :)

Shot at SM Annex. I still love the walking shots though. Wearing the same outfit on the previous post (Sheer Maxi & Shopping), except for the BLISS & CO Animal printed flats. (PS: A good friend and sorority sister co-owns the shoe store, and they have awesome flats! Scored this pair in a Rockwell bazaar earlier this year).

Successful in helping Pao shopped for all this Christmas presents! It was really tiring! Thank heavens I changed to flats cause I can never imagine walking with these:

Haha! But don't get me wrong, I am inlove with this awesome pair from Shoe Etiquette! (I just need to give my feet a little comfort, haha) :)

Anyways, had to make this quick as I'll prepare for our Christmas feast. Wow, time flies so fast, its actually the Eve already! :)
I am really excited to give my gifts to my family members and relatives ! I've been giving away gifts to all my relatives since I started working cause it my little way of giving back to all the people who helped me get where I am now :) (Will make a separate post soon) :D

Enjoy the Holidays Dolls!

Much Love,TBD


Notafashionblogger said…
I love those flats too! Nice photoshoot!
Merry XMas!

Cathy said…
Cute flats!
Check out my blog? (:
Avantika Haflongbar said…
Merry Christmas..

U look great..loved the shoes..
Iam folowing you, follow back please
gizelle faye said…
omg i love how you styled the black sheer skirt...<3 with the long animal-print top...and contrasting animal-printed ballet flats...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Jenine Semilla said…
Cute! :) Heels are lovely but we don't want to be martyrs. :p
correct! sometimes we need to give our feet a rest :P
yay thanks gizelle <3
thank you so much :)
thank you cathy :)
aaaw thanks! merry christmas!!
Kaye Awatin said…
Love your boots, they look comfy!


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