Sweet Christmas

I know its a couple of days late, but I want to greet you guys a Merry Christmas! :) 
Sharing you what I wore on the most wonderful day of the year, and I tried to make it happy as possible! We celebrated our Christmas at our auntie's house (all the way to Novaliches and we're from Navotas) so my Lola wanted me to wear something sweeter and simpler (cause again, they find my choice of clothing really eccentric) so this is what I came up to -- a tank top, a skirt, topped with my lola's blazer. Since I wanted to still put a little style, I decided to play around with Christmas colors (for some color blocking effect). I feel a couple of years younger with this look! Haha

My cousin, Kevin Divinagracia took my photos outside our house! So you can notice the tricycle at the background! (tuloy parin sa pic, addict lang!) And my kuya was so great in taking stolen shots!

And apparently, can't decide whether yo put my hair up or down. Anyways, as for the outfit details:
Top: TOPSHOP || 
Skirt: Forever 21 (from Surplus Shop) ||
Blazer: EXPRESS(from Surplus Shop) ||
Shoe: ROME || Necklace: BUBBLES

So my grandparents & I went to Novaliches to spend our Christmas (wasn't able to take much photos as we're not encouraged to) then met with my mom & aunt at Trinoma later evening to have dinner and coffee.
 I hope you had a great Christmas celebration with your families too! Mine's simple but meaningful :)
Merry Christmas Dolls!
Much Love, TBD


Kaye Awatin said…
Love the colors of your outfit! and your shoes are so cute!

thanks kaye!! merry christmas <3
nerdyfashionista said…
Love your shoes!!!! :)
The Lacquer Factor said…
Love your yellow bag!! The detail is feminine and it adds the perfect pop of color!


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