Dress: THRIFTED || Blazer: XPRESS || Shoes: Anne Klein

If you've been following me on twitter, you'd know that I had a fever for 3 straight days. After taking a break from work, I finally returned yesterday (and still feeling a bit sick). Decided to dress comfortably as possible, that's why I put on flats (which I rarely do, but I needed outmost comfort as possible). However I made sure that I'm still wearing something catchy like this animal printed shoes my aunt gave me. :) 

Anyways, I'm thinking of making a work outfit segment on my blog. Since I'm always at out and on the field (I'm in sales and I'm always walking under the hot sun), I wanted to share with you some outfits that I wear to keep me stylish and comfy while I roam around in my area.
Your thoughts?

Don't forget to hype my look! :)

Much Love, 


Thestyleflux said…
Great idea for the segment! :)

Rick said…
Great outfit!

I just started my blog. Hope you will follow me at:

Chyrel Gomez said…
Love parking lot photos! Hahaha! Go ahead! share them outfit photos. :)
Jeninesemilla said…
Yes! :) I think that's great rovie :)
wonderwoman45 said…
Love those shoes, Rovie. Very nice! :)

Aie Corpuz said…
Those flats look really chic and yet comfy!
Very cool and chic. Love the leopard printed shoes.
what a nice dress... so elegant!

It’s a GIRL Thing
thanks diana :)
thank you :):)
aaaw. thank you :)
thank you aie!!:)
angel :) thank you!!!
thanks for the great feedback :):)
haha yes parking lot is the best outfit shot place!:P
thanks!!! :D:D
thank you kaye!!:)
renee_peijs said…
really like youre shoes!
Check out my blog!
Can you follow my blog http://fashion-renee.blogspot.com/ ?
Xoxo Renée.
thanks :D:D

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