January Hauls

I'm an impulsive thrifty shopper. Whenever I go out to shop (well most of the time I don't plan my shopping schedule, I just buy items when I it's on sale or something like that) I always see to it that I wont exceed my planned budget (which usually won't go over a thousand bucks everytime I'm out). However I feel like I way exceeded my kuripot budget cause of the left and right mall wide sales. Here are some of the "sulit" buys I made the past couple of weeks.
Clogs from Jellybean. They look fierce!
I'm sure you've seen this in my recent blogpost. Loving this girly sandals from Jellybean
Dexter Blue Pumps from Payless
Fioni Boots from Payless
Anagon Collection Gold Headpiece
Anagon Collection Bib Necklace
Necklace from Terranova
Studded Strap from Terranova
I rarely shop this much but hey, since its on sale, I feel like I won a jackpot prize scoring the shoes for less than a thousand each. The sad news is I won't be having much of this shopping sprees as I have invested for a pre-selling condo unit. It is an investment I'm sharing with my boyfriend Paol, which we intend to be our future house. So I'm saying good bye to impulsive, budget-friendly shopping and put my small, hard earned money to a future property. 

Hope you like this post guys! Take care,


Thats so sweet of you and what a wise choice to secure your future first before jumping into marriage. Good luck rovie.

Xx, missy s.
Carla Mutuc said…
nice shoes! sulit!
Xoxo_princess17 said…
I love the details of the clogs! :) I'm jealous of all the accessories especially the headpiece!! <3 Looking forward on seeing those stuffs on your next posts <3

Iam Decano said…
shopped at Jellybean too, and yes yes the sale sign is so irresistable :)

lovely purchases. Lovely blog.

Goodluck on your future plans :)

<3iam, iamcoloreddays.blogspot.com
Thestyleflux said…
Nice shoes! Jelly bean shoes are so pretty!

eden said…
babe, these are great buys! wondering how much ang total mo nito lahat. always thought jellybean shoes were cute!:)

melai esclamado said…
great hauls, rovie.. :)
Kelly Love said…
Dying over that gold neck cuff.... it's sooo good.

Kelly Love
Eugenia said…
I love the necklaces!
forgive me girl for i have sinned. i have never been inside a real payless store. swear..
aaay thanks carla for visiting my blog <3
thanks dear. I'm so flattered! :)
Thanks. Even if that means less money for shopping. :( Haha!!!
yes they are! Thanks kaye! :D
Thanks melai!! :)
It is! its from Anagon :)
aaw. thanks denise for visiting my blog :) before i rarely visit payless, pero when they go on sale, the prices go up to 70% off kaya sulit "_"
Chyrel Gomez said…
Hala! I love the Anagon collection!
Alarillasisters said…
i love the 2nd shoes! cute colors! and of course Anagon Collection's headpiece! did you style it already?:)

tricia from alarillasisters

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