Stelly Bow

Bow Headband: THE BEAD DIARY
Top: THRIFTED || Skirt: MAPLEBERRY || Pumps: F&H

 It was a random holiday Monday (last Jan 23), so Paolo and I decided to try out Bonchon Chicken for dinner. Since we're just going for a quick, "mini" date, I dressed down and style my outfit a bit by putting on a cute Stelly bow headband from The Bead Diary and of course, the never-failing statement pumps from F&H.  Pao had a hard time taking my outfit shot due to the light conditions inside Il Terrazo, that's why he took my photos part by part. I hope it worked :)

Just a glimpse on how we pampered ourselves with calories that day:

PS: I'm grateful that I'm able to update my blog after 3 days. Was to preoccupied with work (was at Tagaytay the past week for a convention) and had no time updating. I really hope I can update you guys more this weekend as I'm flying out to Hong Kong next week for a company trip. (Define busy!) 
For the meantime, I hope you can hype my look:

Photo Credits (Outfit Shots) to: Paolo Peralta

Much Love,


iamdecano said…
you look so fab!
Jeninesemilla said…
i love bonchon! <3 Plus, you look cute rovie! :)
vinayabut said…
Bon chon!!!! <3 Wow, platform kung platform ang peg. Have a safe trip, Rovie! :)
thanks so much :)
aaw thanks!!:)
haha kahit masakit sa paa! :D thanks!!
pineapplemonsters said…
Super cute outfit! Love your shoes! :)

Thestyleflux said…
Love how you look much younger because of your outfit! You look so pretty Rovie :)

Nici said…
Wow, gorgeous outfit!
Really like your skirt and stunning shoes! :)
Wanna follow each other?


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