Tagaytay Photo Diary

I was at Tagaytay last week for a number of days for work. It was one of my busiest out-of-town, work-related trips hence my absence from blogging for a number of days. However would like to share to your some of the good things I experienced during my 5-day stay (Yes, I'd share the not-so-busy-photo moments)

Taal Vista Lodge 
Room Shot
Caramel Frap from Buon Giorno
Myself, during breakfast
Dessert from Antonio's 
Antonio's seafood Sampler
Buon Giorno
My worn out oxfords

It was freezing cold in Tagaytay (to my suprise) that I had a terrible headache on my first few days of stay (really can't handle cold temperature!) Only had a chance to wear a scarf on my last day (which I'll blog about soon).

For now I have to sleep as I have to be in Marriot for our business conference later at 8AM.  That's all folks :)

Have a great week ahead!


CutestPrincess said…
amazing photos, the foods are mouthwatering!

It’s a GIRL Thing
carla said…
Great place, I wish i can go there. TC!
vinayabut said…
Kagutoooooooooom, Rovie! :) Love your brogues! I think part narin ng charm niya na worn out siya :p

Thestyleflux said…
Wow! such a relaxing place!

Kaye Awatin
ashley/ milk teeths said…
Ooh I am going to have to bookmark this post! My family is going to Tagaytay too in a few weeks--can't wait!
Kathleen To said…
i am madly in love with those glasses ! cocoandgarcon.blogspot.com

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