DIY: Glitter Shoes

I  bought this from a nearby ukay more than a year ago and I never had a chance of wearing it cause of its worn out condition. I was about to throw it away until I remeber various DIY posts on glitter shoes. And I said to myself, why don't I turn this to a glitter shoes? Since I don't have an extra thousand bucks to spare to get a new pair of glitter shoes, decided to make my own instead. :)

Glue, Newspaper and Glitters - basic essentials. 
How to do it?
Just spread the glue around the shoes and sprinkle the glitters on it.
And here's the final product:

Instant ready to party shoes! :) And since I love two-toned footwear, sprinkled some gold glitters on the heels. They look fab right? 

So before you throw those old shoes, think again. It might be worth a makeover and give you an instant new pair :)

Hope you like my post! Have a great weekend everyone!:)

Much Love, 


ohsomefrankie said…
From Rags to FAB :) LOL ! Nice Nice .

FOLLOW back please ! LOL
Roxanne said…
great job Rovie! actually am planning to do it on one my shoes din
but I haven't bought any rubber cement, okay ba ung elmers glue?
thanks dear!
Mara Ente said…
I love how the shoes turned out! I should totally try this some time.. Though I'm not really crafty, I'm desperate for some sparkly shoes! Thanks for this :)

Kisses! xxx
Will check your blog :) Thanks frank!
it works but you have to evenly distribute the glitterss. some fall apart though :)
glad you learned from it :) can't wait for your post :)
Katrina Yupangco said…
Awesome DIY!!!

P.S. You might want some cupcakes too during this love season.
Check this out:
mseggplant said…
glitter shoes are one of my most favorite diys ever. very cute :)
angelianne22 said…
cute!!! i'm also actually thinking of doing that to one of my shoes!
thanks katrina :) will check :)
you should! its fun :P
Unknown said…
Dear did you put a final coat to that?

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