Heels during SG City Tour? Not!

Dress used as top: Twenty one || Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: H&M || Necklace: Bubbles

Pao and I went for a city tour and met-up with friends during our 3rd day in Singapore. Since I haven't worn anything girly since the trip, decided to wear the only lady-like outfit I brought so as to finally look very feminine in the photos (I deserve that proper engagement photo, by the way). However, I wasn't able to bring any cute / girly flats that will match the outfit so I had no choice but to pair it up with my JC inspired H&M booties.
However, only after a couple of hours walking around Bugis Street and SimLim, my feet gave up! I cannot walk properly anymore that's why I decided to buy flats.
I feel so happy to discover Cotton On's shoe brand, RUBI which sold flats as low as SGD 12.50 (Less than Php 500). I was so amazed on how affordable and stylish their shoes were that I wasn't able to resist buying more than a pair . Haha! Luckily the fiance felt really generous and he paid for my shoes as gift. And since I wasn't able to get a formal engagement photo Paolo decided to take "sweet shots" while we were on the roofdeck of Esplanade.

And if you noticed what I did to my hair, I ironed my hair and made a half-ponytail. However since it was a big mess, decided to style it with the remaining curly part by putting it down and tying the straight part (what a blurred description. Haha)

Anyways, Lesson learned: Never walk along Singapore in heels. It a killer.

Anyways, hope you can hype my look.

 Will post more about our city tour tomorrow <3 have a great tuesday dolls! 

Much Love, TBD


Arra said…
I love your dress!!

vinayabut said…
OMG. I love Rubi, Rovie! (Haha nag rhyme pa lol) when I went there, they even gave 5 dollar shoes! Haha. Imagine that's only around 150! :p Nice skirt by the way :)

thank you arra!!
yes i wanna go back to SG cause of Rubi! :) hhaha! sayang wala akong naabutan na ganon kaafforadble :):)
lucia said…
i love your dress!!

Thestyleflux said…
Love that skirt! :)


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