HK Diaries: Day 1 Photoblog


Its Thursday monring, 4am. We all had to wake up and head to the airport to catch our 8am flight. Luckily, we just concluded our business conference at Marriot Hotel and traffic was not a problem. Having not enough sleep, I had to rely to caffeine and Adele to perk me up as I flew to Hong Kong for the first time. The feeling was surreal. I couldn't believe that I'm finally experiencing things I never thought I'll have since I was young. The weather's different. It's freezing, I hate it. I could never stand cold weather as I chill a lot of times. It's a lot like Makati, only its cleaner, and has less billboards and more buildings. Everything's fast paced. Upon arrival we had to immediately check-in and grab our lunch. The food is great. I love Chinese food. I'm obsessed with it. Though its almost the same as to a lot of Chinese restaurants here in Manila, I could never deny that they have better siopao, peking duck and siomai. (Insert a hungry tummy here). We had to do a quick city tour. Given only a number of minutes to roam around, we took every opportunity to take group and vanity shots. It was really cold, we had to grab some coffee to warm us down. There's Starbucks. Tastes the same, only more expensive. We were all tired. We had to eat dinner early and skip the remaining city tour. But still, we were able to regain a few energy to roam around the night market. Great, it's like Divisoria-- again, only cleaner. Prices are almost the same so we skipped buying - its hard to bargain to someone who doesn't understand the seller and vice versa.  Ended up going back to our hotel rooms only with key chains, i love HK shirts and gloves. It was cold. I had to wear sweater and socks to help me sleep. I had to rest as the next day needs more energy -- I am going to Disney. :)



AVA said…
I've been to Taiwan but never HK :) Thank you for the glimpse! Looks beautiful!
Thestyleflux said…
Miss going there!

vinayabut said…
Aww.w I miss HK!! Cant help but agree on the sellers. Mahirap talaga pag may language barrier. :p I had the same situation :p

Thank you for the birthday greeting, Rovie! Really appreciated it <3
Arra said…
Enjoy your stay there, Rovie!!

thanks ava for visiting my blog! HK is a great place for shopping :)
you should :) thanks kaye!
im back na arra :) thanks still!:)

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