HK Diaries: Disneyland Adventure

I was like a giddy kid when our tour guide handed us our Disneyland tickets. I was so excited. I've been dreaming to go to Disney since my 7th birthday. After 17 years, I finally made it. I couldn't stop taking pictures the moment I stepped foot on the grounds I was on tears when the parade started. My hands wouldn't stop clicking the shutter. Everything's so cute -- childhood memories are filling my head. Right after the parade, we grabbed our late lunch near the castle. It's so cute. I feel like I was Belle. We hurriedly roamed around and tried different rides. Gosh, there so many people lining up in all the rides. We were able to try only a few-- The Space Mountain and RC Racer were the most remarkable as they made my heart tremble. It was scary, but really breathtaking. The rest are almost kid-friendly, but I enjoyed seeing Mickey Mouse and Stitch in a movie! Time's not enough to try all the rides but we all had fun roaming around Disney. We concluded the night watching the fireworks. Again I almost cried watching the fireworks. It was amazing. I promised myself that I will definitely go back to Disney and bring my future family.. for they will definitely appreciate such adventure.

That's all for tonight. I hope you liked my Disney photos. I still have a number of photos to share but these are probably the best selections. Moreover, I'm still not a pro in photography but I hope my photos were okay :)

Much Love,


wonderwoman45 said…
Aww I'm so jealous! I miss how Disneyland makes me feel like a kid. :(
Hazel said…
i enjoyed looking at the pics!!!! i've never been to hkdl!! :( sadly we missed it when we went to hk! :-/
I like this! Glad to know you had a great time. I also wish to be in Disneyland HK.
super happy vibes lang while you're there:) thanks angel!
Lidiya said…
Lovely photos, I adore disneyland <3
Arra said…
Wonderful photos! LOL at Snow White's face! Hope to see your outfits in Hong Kong soon! :)
Cindy said…
Cute pics! Would love it if you could check out and maybe even follow my blog if you like! :)

Cindy C.
next time :) it will give you a happy feeling :)
Thanks! glad you liked my photos :) next time you go to hk try to go to Disney, masaya sya :)
Thanks lidiya :)
haha yes a big LOL to her face! that's the best photo I have for the princesses e :P soon I'll post :) Thanks
thank you cindy :)

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