On Love & Proposals: Engagement at Singapore :)

 I have so much to blog about since my hiatus last Wednesday. I'm in Singapore (well we're actually flying back to Manila in a couple of hours) and unfortuately we don't have wifi connection in our hotel. However, before I head back to Manila I would like to share how this lovely place changed my life in an instant.

Paolo and I went to Singapore last Wednesday, Feb 15 in lieu of our Valentines celebration. Since we arrived really late, we alloted the next day, to go to Sentosa along with my cousins. 
It was a long day of adventure at Sentosa with Paolo and my cousin Bj and his family. Conicidentally it was also our 89th monthsary and Paolo made sure that our Sentosa adventure was fun and exciting. And it was. :)

 We concluded the day by Swimming at the Palawan Beach. Afterwards, my cousin invited us to watch the sunset nearby. I was even very eager to pose for outfit and "artsy" shots with my cousins.

Little did I know that on that perfect "sunset moment," when my Kuya asked me and Pao to take a picture, something very romantic was about to happen..

Paolo asked me to marry him.
I was surprised. Everything was so unexpected. I wasn't able to utter a word. I kept on hitting him with my hat. I cannot even remember if I said yes instantly. All I remember was I was shaking as he put the ring on my finger. Tears are about to fall down but I was stopping it for my cousins not to see. I was so happy, so happy that no words can explain what I was feeling. It was surreal. It's like a fairy tale coming true. As I stare on the ring happiness fills my heart. I couldn't believe that Paolo treasures me this much -- so precious, so beautiful, so elegant.
And yes, I am engaged. I am so blessed to have someone as wonderful as Paolo to be part of my life for the forever.
Much Love, TBD

PS: I was the only person who didn't know about this. All my cousins in Singapore knew about this even my family back in Manila! Aww Pao, you're the sweetest! Thanks for making the proposal so sweet and memorable. That's why you wanted me to fly with you and treated me at Singapore. I never expected this :) :)


Marie said…
So sweet Rovie! Miss you Sis! <3 More love!
Omaygad! As in omaygad! GOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHH :"> I'm so happy for you ate Rovie. Kahit na hindi tayo close, still SUPER HAPPY KO FOR YOU :) Stay inlove and more power to your relationship po ♥
Inah Floresta said…
Awww I got teary eyed!!! <3 Love it ang sweet!
ann lazo said…
omg. congrats sistah! ^^ That's just so sweet!=D <3 <3 <3
Kathleen Perez said…
SO SWEEEET!!! I loved your reaction in the 9th photo!
Charmie Lising said…
Themissys said…
wow!!! :) Sweeetest! Congrats rovie! <3 wish you all the best!
Arra said…
OMG!! I am so happy for you, Rovie! It was romantic! Congratulations!!

Jenny said…
Your ring is beautiful! Congratulations <3 <3
jerrah said…
This touched my heart sis.. I am so happy for you and Paolo! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Congratulations!
Iam Decano said…
Congrats :)
weeeeeeeeeeeee <3 thanks sis :):)
Thank you jenny. yes very beautiful <3 thanks!:)
Thanks <3<3
thanks charmieeee <3
haha super shocked yan! haha hindi pa ako naka outfit!!
thank youuu :)
thank youuu :)
verna joyce abril said…
Congratulations Ms. Rovie!

Thank youuuu <3
thanks dear :)
wonderwoman45 said…
Awwwww that's soooo sweet. Congratulations, Rovie! :) So happy for you! :)

thank you :)
thanks angel:):)
Thestyleflux said…
Awwwww! so sweet! Congratulations! :)

Thanks kaye <3
rizzalana said…
*teary-eyed* Congratulations dear! =D
Leslie Anne Gilua said…
rochell said…
awwww... rovie dear, congratulations.. im happy for you & pao :)
Jeninesemilla said…
Omg I just found this out! Congratulations rovie! =) super sweet indeed! :))
thanks. I still cry everytime I remember the moment :)
thank you rochell :) i miss you btw!
and unexpected :) thanks!!

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