The Proposal at Sentosa & Photodiary

Top: Random buy in Malabon || Shorts: Random
Socks: Oro || Oxfords: Shoe Gallery
Hat: Bench || Glasses: Fifth Ave

If you have been reading my blog, you know that my boyfriend for seven years, Paolo proposed to me in this spot in Palawan Beach Sentosa. I was lured into thinking that the reason why we went to this spot is to take my outfit shot during the sunset. Which at that time I thought was a great idea to post to my blog. It is, right? Since I still can't get over the "proposal madness" and a lot of my friends (cyber or real life) are asking for the details, let me share with you how the engagement happened.

My cousin, Kuya Bj took our photo but since the sun wasn't setting yet, Paolo told me that I can still put my make-up on so he could take my outfit shots. Feeling really excited, I quickly fixed myself as I was really looking forward to a sunset outfit shot.
After numerous clicks (and pictures with my cousins), my Kuya noticed that the sun was already setting and it was a great photo moment. So he hurriedly asked Pao and I to pose and to give our best "emote" Haha. Well, being a super vain person, I obliged :)
 I was even goofing around! :p But the sun was too perfect that I cannot let the moment pass without having a beautiful photo..
Then everything happened unexpectedly...

Obviously this was the most unexpected thing that happened to me. I still cry everytime I recall that romantic moment. I feel so grateful that Paolo made sure that I would feel special on that day. I couldn't help but break into tears cause I never thought that I would experience such a thing -- to be proposed to, to be asked by the man of my dreams to spend the rest of my life with him. It felt like I was in a movie, I'm that hopeless romantic woman who dreamnt that someday her prince charming will take her hand and ask her to marry her.. 
and it came true :)

I'm sorry for being so cheesy :) I am still floating in cloud 9. :)

PS: If you're wondering what I felt that day, well I was stunned enough to not be able to talk or look him in the eye the rest of the evening. Everything sank in the next day :p And oh, I was a bit disappointed cause I wasn't wearing something girly enough to fit the moment. I never imagined to look so edgy on the day of my engagement! But what can I do, it was a surprise indeed :)
Much Love,


Hazeluri said…
This. Is so sweet :) so happy to hear your proposal story ♥
thank you <3
Kookie B. said…
Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Rovie! Awww, so sweet naman the proposal. And it's okay even if you weren't dressed up in a pretty feminine outfit. You looked ferosh pa rin naman. :)
aaaw <3 thank you kookie!!! :):):)
Svetlanisophy said…
Congratulations dear! <3
Shen said…
wow congrats nice story:)
CaiDiva said…
Awww..congrats! When's the wedding? :)
thanks dear!!:)
thanks shen :)
thanks cai! :) will be next year pa, nov 16 :)

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