Recognition Night

Last Monday, we were asked to wear cocktail dresses for our Recognition Night at work. Held at Marriot Hotel, we were all dressed up for a special night that happens only once in a year in our company. I was really flattered when my hardwork was recognized and was awarded on stage.

And since no one was available to take my outfit shots, I had to take advantage of our full body mirror in our room at Marriot Hotel (had to advise Johanna though :P)
Necklace: Bubbles || Corset Dress used as Top: from Divine Lee
Skirt: Thrifted || Shoes: F&H

The past week was busy and memorable. After receiving this award, and being able to be included in our company's incentive trip I feel so inspired to work harder this year to acquire more incentives and to provide better things for our family.

I hope you're having a great Sunday :)

Much Love,


Thestyleflux said…
Congratulations! Love your outfit! :)

Kathleen Perez said…
Congratulations Rovie!!! You deserve the award for all your hardwork!
angelianne22 said…
Hey, Rovie! Congratulations on your award!! Hard work does pay off, huh? :)
thank you kaye :)
thanks kath! i feel so overwhelmed "_"
thanks angelianne :)
Violetta Blog said…
You look amazing! Love!!!<333
Violetta Blog said…
thank you <3
melai esclamado said…
Congrats, rovie! like your outfit..very sleek and classy. ;)
thanks melai :)
mestizay said…
I didn't know F&H sold shoes now! where can i buy these? LOVE it!
They do :) in their branches! they're lovely :)

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