Universal Studios Singapore Photodiary (of Pao & Rovie)

This is probably the cheesiest blog entry I have. Not because I have so many romantic words for my fiance but because the photos I'll be sharing are nothing but ours! :) I hope you can forgive me but we were both very happy cause that day (02.17.2012) was the first day that we are officially engaged. We looked and felt like we were in college again -- that lovey-dovey feeling we had when we just became boyfriend & girlfriends seven years ago. Haha :)

So here's the Cheesy Paolo & Rovie USS Photodiary:
We arrived at Universal Studios after lunch. Being a kid at heart, I was so giddy to try out all the rides! (Even watched Shrek at Donkey movies, haha). Probably the highlight of the day was when Pao and I rode the Jurassic ride that lead us into getting soaked! Yes we're stupid like that not to bring extra clothes and thrifty enough to not buy coats or rent a dryer. Haha. At least it was an unforgettable experience-- to watch the waterworld adevnture, road the mummy (twice) and galactica soaking wet! And since we're not used to Singapore time, we didn't notice that it was already 7pm and the rides were already closed. Unfortunately, we were not able to ride the cylon galactica and the transformers. We didn't see the movie effects area in the hollywood area of the park. Nevertheless, we diverted our frustration to good foof and non stop picture taking. Haha.
Stayed til the fireworks and it was really beautiful. Pao and I had a great time and I still can't believe that he would give me such wonderful gift -- proposing in Sentosa and treating me to an all expense paid Singapore vacation. This is too much :)
 Ending this entry with the sweetest photo ever. :)
Much Love,

PS: Really thankful to all clean trashcans in USS. We would never have cute pictures together if it weren't for their help. Haha :)


Laureen Uy said…
Kayo na ang sweet! :)
wow :) Thanks laureen for visiting my blog <3
Patricia Tan said…
Wow! how sweet of you too! Great place! Great couples! Stay inlove :)
Ewkazuk said…
I love Universal :) You look very happy. Outfit looks comfy and great :)
Julie said…
this looks so fun!!
and i love your sandals... way too cute!
Qcopaine said…
Hazel said…
Awwww congrats for the nth time for getting engaged!! Ang tagal nyo na pala! BEST WISHES <3
The PINK Enigma said…
sweet naman roviedear!! <3 Congrats! and best wishes.
Aaaw. Thank you dear :)
Thanks hazel! I can't stop talking about it though :P haha! <3
thanks julie :)
thank you :):)
Arra said…
So romantic and sweet, Rovie!

Thank you :)

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