Vivo City & Photodiary

 Top: Random || Blazer & Shorts: Thrifted
Necklace: Bubbles || Sunnies: From Divisoria || Shoes: Shoe Gallery

This is what I wore to our second day (officially first day) at Singapore. Since Thursday Feb 16 was Sentosa Day, I had to prioritize wearing comfortable clothes. I'm a bit insecure wearing flats as I feel that it makes my legs look bigger that's why I tiptoe a bit to make it look slender. Haha! I also layered my tank top + shorts do with a studded blazer to give a bit of a "chic" feel on my look. Of course topped it with a Gold necklace to further accentuate the outfit.

Anyway to share to you what happened that morning, Pao and I wentfirst to Vivo City to grab some lunch. Took my outfit shots there to prevent a haggard look I'll get upon arriving in Sentosa. My cousin, Kuya Bj & his family met up with us there to go with us to Sentosa (again, little did I know that Paolo connived with them to execute the "proposal") Yiii. Let me share with you some of the photos we captured while we were in Vivo.

 Pao and I stayed at Fragrance Hotel Pearl in Lorong, Geylang. It was probably a practical choice for "budget" travelers like us for it cost us only Php 11k for a 5 night stay. It wasn't lavish but decent enough to sleep to. And moreover, the hotel is near the bus stop so accessing the city was a breeze during our stay. And oh, the food was cheap and really authentic!

Satisfied our hunger at Food Republic in Vivo City. It's like a food court with a number of choices - dimsum, japanese, thai, korean, singaporean dishes to name a few. Found a few food servings that cost 5SDG and less (some are more) but really appetizing! 
While waiting for my cousin to arrive, Pao and I strolled around the roofdeck to check the view.
My cousin, Kuya Bj and his family arrived just after lunch. We went straight to Sentosa (note: If its a bit late, get the package with 4 rides so its worth it). Really had no idea what was about to happen in that memorable place.

Hope you liked some of my photos! Don't forget to hype my look :)

Much Love, TBD


Thestyleflux said…
Aww I miss that place! Glad you had a great day :)

sisters closet said…
You look great, beautiful pictures!
sabrina said…
eautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!!
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Arra said…
Love your blazer!!

krissie said…
That blazer is soo cute! I love the shape :) Great thrifted find!

Julie said…
how cute is your blog and how great is your style?? love it
Dale202 said…
I just found your blog and Singapore looks like so much fun. I love the pics and your outfit, the silver and gold detail are so cool. Great post, following you now

Jamie A said…
i adore your blazer!
Diekoniginderherzen said…
I'm so glad that I found your blog. I'm going to have to add you to my new favorite blogs and check back in on your progress!

The Queen of Hearts
Thank you so much :)
Thank you Jamie :)
Aww. Thanks Julie :)
Thanks krissie :)
thanks arra :)
thanks for following sabrina :)
thanks kaye :):)

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