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Hi guys! Woah! I feel so great to be back and finally update my blog! :) If you guys are following me on twitter you'd know that this week has been a very hectic (and fun) for me. Was at Marriot Hotel since Monday for our company's business conference and flew straight to Hong Kong last Thursday for our incentive trip. (Yes it was that busy). So before I share you guys my HK getaway, let me give you a glimpe of what happened during our business conference.

1. Marriot Hotel Room
2. View from the Hotel
3. Emcees for our Recognition Night: Pie & John
3. My Fly High Award
4. Awardees in their wacky pose
5.  Myself, shot by John
6-7. During fellowship night, with my girlfriends from work
8.  Myself with my male bosses and workmates 

Those are some of the highlights during our business conference. I can't wait to share with you guys my first out of the country trip in HK! I wish I'll have more time to blog :)
That's all for now :)

Much love,
Much Love, TBD

PhotoCredits to: Belle Villanueva and John Lumpan


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