The Bead Diary Giveaway Winners!

Hey guys! How was you're weekend? As for me I probably had the longest birthday celebration cause I still had dinner with my fiance's parents earlier (after that super bash party I had last night). :) Anyways, as promised, I am announcing the winners for my BEAD DIARY birthday giveaway! :)  And I am excited to tell that the 3 lovely readers have won cute head pieces. And they are:

For Prize A:

Prize B

And Prize C

Congratulations to Jessiemer Abing, Charmane Cuartero and Mich Melene for winning Prize A, B & C respectively :) Kindly email me your shipping details so I can mail the cute stuff!
And thank you guys for making this giveaway a success! I still have the House of Isla giveaway :) You can still join!
Thanks again!:)
Much Love, TBD


mich michelene said…
Eek! Thanks so much for this! A giveaway by one of my fave bloggers (no bola here). What a great way to start the week! Thanks so much and more power to The Bargain Doll! :D
weeeh! thanks. a very happy monday indeed! :)
yey :) thanks and congrats!!
congrats! thanks for joining:)
theresa montino said…
congrats.. so lucky!

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