Birthday Dress

Dress:  From SINGAPORE || Shoes: F & H
Headband: The Bead Diary

The idea of turning 25 makes me feel really old that's why I decided to look very young and sweet on the day of my birthday. It was the perfect event to wear this cute (5 SGD) dress I bought from Bugis Street at Singapore. Not only it made me look really young, but it definitely made me look like a modern 50's woman. I love how the dress exudes such cuteness and sexiness at the same time! Probably explains why I couldn't help twirling around with it :P

Of course my 25th birthday would not be complete without a celebration with the most important people in my life -- MY FAMILY. So to make my day extra special, Paolo and I treated my family (and the extended ones) for a dinner at Balsa sa Niugan.
 The fambam actually surprised me with 2 mini-cakes so I could make wish on my birthday :)
 My family: Mom, Lola & Lolo
 I just find this photo really cute! My fiance and I and look who are on the background: My Lolo & Lola! Tee hee!
Since I'm an only child, Im grew up really close with my cousins and relatives. We're like one big happy family :)
and because it's my birthday, I have every right to force them to eat my cake :) haha!

anyway guys, you can also celebrate with me by joining my birthday giveaways!!:)

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Check it out and hope you guys will join!:)

Much Love, TBD


so cute! :) Especially with your lola and lolo on the background. A good sign! :)
Vina said…
You and your family looks so cute in these photos, Rovie. Belated happy birthday to you again, birthday girl!Love that dress on you now I cant wait to see you in your wedding dress xx
Arra said…
Such a gorgeous dress! You look lovely, vibrant and blooming! Happy birthday! :)

i hope it is :) thanks!!:)
thanks vina im so excited too! kahit next year pa hindi na ako makatulog ngayon palang :p
thank you arra :)
Nicole Paler said…
wow! you look like a schoolgirl here sooo cute! :) the shoes are <3

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