I'm Sitting Down Here

Polo, Top & Shorts: Foxy Fashion Hub || Shoes: F&H

But Hey you can see me.. Yes, I just sang a line from a song (and I'm corny like that) cause I particularly like these set of photos that a good friend, Rochelle and I (along with our boyfriends) shot for her clothing line,  FOXYFASHIONHUB. (In case you're not familiar, Foxyfashionhub is an online shop that offers a lot of stylish and affordable clothes. You can visit the page here.) My boyfriend and I often call this the "poop" pose but I think works naman for me. You think so?

Anyways, I had to make this really quick. I've been VERY busy with work the past couple of  weeks and I had little time to update  my blog (and ship my giveaway items, im really sorry!) Well, because I was tasked by my boss to  participate in a dance performance that we performed in Unilab Bayanihan Day last friday. So right after work, I had to rush for our practice (that happened for 2 weeks) and go home (from Mandaluyong to Malabon) really late. Fortunately the big bosses of the company were very much impressed with our presentation that they treated us last night for dinner and cocktails in a a very  posh and exclusive bar in Makati last night. :) 
And yes we were dancing robots last friday. 


Much Love, TBD


AVA said…
cool costumes!!:) and loving your shoes, rovie!
wonderwoman45 said…
I love how awesomely your blog is evolving, especially in terms of outfit shots. Beautiful, just beautiful. :)

wow angel!! natouch naman ako. thanks :) I hope i can improve pa. i know you've been seeing my blog way before haha. anyways, if you still have my number, text me lang so i can take you THRIFT shopping!! <3
thank you ava :) im so touched :)
Roxy Sibayan said…
super love your shoes rovie and loving the shorts :D love the yellow color . and you look cute sa costume niyo, hehe :D
Arra said…
Cute look Rovie!

Fashionettista said…
i like ur mary jane shoes!! so classic!!
Julie Ann Lozada said…
i wish i can watch your presentation, lol! anyway, i like your shoes...

It’s a GIRL Thing
Kaye A. said…
Nice outfit! blended well together :)

Kaye Awatin
Thanks Roxy <3 Haha, how I wish I blogged about it :p
Thanks arra :)
Wow, thanks kaye :)
Thanks dear!! :)

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