Somehow Androgyonous

Necklace: COCCO || Sunnies: RAYBAN (Cousin's) 

I didn't realize that this top was a men' polo until I checked all the items I thrifted one random day. I was showing this to my lola when she saw this and told me that the pocket for male's polo is usually on the left. Haha! I never had second thoughts on not wearing this top but got more excited on how to sport an androgynous outfit. Since I went to Laguna last Sunday, I finally wore this for a comfortable / edgy look. I love how bright colors instanty make a statement.

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Much Love, TBD


AVA said…
pretty shorts!:) the shoes are so fierce!
Arra said…
I love your shorts and shoes!!

neondonkey said…
this is a great look indeed!

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