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Bikini top: Landmark || Bottom: Sassa
Hat & Sunnies: Random find in Palawan

I have been blogging about my 3 day trip in Palawan over the weekend and for a couple of days now but I still have a lot to share. :) Well, this is what I wore on the best part of the vacation -- hitting the beach! I didn't have time to buy new swimsuits so I just mix and matched my old ones to make it look new. and since I was not able to bring a lot of accessories with me, I was lucky enough to buy cheap hat (Php 100) and sunnies (Php 60) on the way to Honda Bay. It was a great buy, eh?

So after our little snorkeling at Honda Bay, a good friend Vani and I got amazed when we saw this big photo frame at Starfish Island:
 And got more excited when we saw this hula dancer costumes hanging nearby. 
We were like little kids that instantly put on the costumes, and ran towards the frame for a photo-op. 
 Cute, and creative, isn't it? :)

Annnnd since I can't decide which photo to upload in, I went for this:

Don't forget to hype my look! and oh, by the way how do you plan to spend your holy week? 
well in my side, Pao (my fiance) and I are going to Tagaytay tomorrow to look around for possible venue for our wedding next year :) Hope we find the perfect one for us!

Have a great vacation guys :)

Much Love,


Hazel said…
LOL ang cute naman may bamboo frame talaga ;)
Xoxo_princess17 said…
hahaha cute photos! :)
love the beach.
Yna Amores said…
Cute bikini dear!!! Looking pretty!

I'm giving away a peter pan-collared top on my blog! Hope you can join!
Nettiesolon said…
This is so cute! I wanna go there tooooo~
krisna velasco said…
Haha yes ang cute no :P madami pang "photo" effects, nahiya lang kami to pose :p
thank you :D
Thanks for visiting and telling me about your giveaway :D
of course you could go there! its a nice place to visit :D
Thank you :D

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