Food Tasting Experience: Illustrado

When you're getting married, the exciting part is to look for the church, venue and possible suppliers on your big day. But my fiance and I discovered something more exciting about wedding preparations -- the food tasting invites!! Haha! We both have big appetites and every time there's a grand food tasting invites , we make sure that we can be present. (Halatang matakaw e! Haha!)

So last Saturday, Pao and I went to Illustrado's Grand food tasting in their Restaurant at Intramuros. Since we are still looking for caterers (we haven't fully decided where to hold our reception in Tagaytay) we were very much interested to try their offering.

And I love their theme for the day -- Japanese Zen! I never thought that cherry blossoms and pink are so refreshing in the eyes. I kept on asking Paolo if he would like to have the same theme. He didn't give me an answer. Haha
Now let's go to the best part.. the food!

The Buffet Table
Since its only for food tasting, they served with a small plate. (and yes, deep inside I was thinking out loud how small naman the plate to fill all the courses I want to eat. Hihi!)
But we made sure that we've satisfied our tummies, hence Paolo's big smile! Gosh we loved the food so much, especially their paella and pasta! We couldn't help but eat a lot more after the first round of eating :p
And yes! their dessert area were filled with awesomeness that I made sure that I was able to try one of each kind! (I'm such a sweet tooth I could survive with just eating sweets the entire day). And they're really good.

We were really impressed with Illustrado that we are contemplating if we should get them and have them cater our tagaytay wedding. They serve really superb dishes that I'm sure my future guests will love. I really wish Pao and I find the perfect venue (budget and experience - wise) in Tagaytay 

And if you have suggestions, let me know. I'll appreciate it :) My wedding will be on Nov next year (which is really far from now) but we like to prepare it slowly but surely :)

Much Love, TBD


Jhavoomorgia said…
Good luck on all wedding preparations! =))))
I don't know why, but I'm REALLY excited for you! :) I've always been fascinated with wedding preparations, I wanna hear your stories talaga! Ilustrado is close to my heart since I study at Intramuros (PLM), super love ko their food! ♥ Goodluck and wish you everything amazing, babe!
krisna velasco said…
wow buti pa kayo, :) goodluck on preparations.
Thanks dear :)
naku arnie its so tagal pa! :) but im so excited narin!! (but whenever I think of all the possible expenses sumasakit ulo ko! haha) thanks so much dear!
thank you krisna :)
Mai_Flores said…
My cousin recently held her wedding reception at Illustrado. The variety of food that was served to us was good but not great. I guess they just picked out the wrong combinations.
stacy said…
THe last time I went there was my cousin's debut. I hope to come back again. They serve great food and the ambiance is classic.
Most probably. But really thanks for the feedback. will consider it :)
YedyLicious said…
I have attended a wedding reception before at Illustrado and I must say that the food they served were quite good but not really extraordinary. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding by the way :)
i appreciate the feedback yedy! will consider that :D
Sumi Go said…
Wow, everything looks delish! I haven't been to Ilustrado yet, but I'll make sure to try their food in the near future.. :) Anyway, congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

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