Listerine Natural Green Tea Press Launch

I was overwhelmed when I received an invite from Nuffnang to attend Listerine's Press Launch at Umu Restaurant at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati. It was my first time to finally attend an event (my schedule permitted me!) and you can just imagine my excitement. 
I arrived at Umu restaurant, and I was awed with the ambiance. It was cozy, elegant and intimate. The place was very relaxing.
And what's more exciting is when they finally revealed that Listerine, the worldwide most trusted mouthwash brand has a new variant to effectively keep our mouth healthy and cavity free!

And that is, the new Listerine Natural Green Tea!
You may wonder, why mix a mouthwash with green tea? It is because green tea contains antioxidants that may ward off cavity causing bacteria and prevent tooth decay! Moreover this variant of Listerine contains 2x as more fluoride that is vital in oral healthcare.

I know, now you'd like to try and experience Listerine Green Tea Zesty taste and it's availble in leading supermarkets, drug stores for only P70.25 (80ml) and P166.50 (250ml)

Anyways, other than learning about the benefits of green tea to oral hygiene, I was also able to enjoy the wonderful food served at Umu and meet great bloggers at the event.
Pumpkin Tofu, Sushi, and Mixed Tempura. And I tell you the food was heavenly! You guys should try Umu for authentic Japanese food! :)

As for the great people I met,
Met Jaycelle of Doll House Diary
and very honored to be seatmates with the dynamic duo behind RK Manila -- Anj (of Anj Mendoza) and Kim (of Kimpossiblygoreous) :)
They were really friendly! Spent dinner talking about.. uh Lovelife? Haha :)
and was really happy to meet and greet Arnie (of Raid My Closet), Krissy (of Krissyfied) and Raiza (of  Popquiz). (I enjoyed bringing you home Krissy, btw super sorry for the traffic!:P)

Had super fun in the event! I am looking forward to attend more events, discover wonderful products and meet amazing people.
Thanks so much Nuffnang for this opportunity! Til next time :)

Much Love, TBD


Rovie!!! :) It was really great to see you there! Enjoyed our mini chika, and I hope we could do it longer and more often! Pretty girl!! :) Followed you babe! ♥
Joyce Requinta said…
i love ur outfit :)
Kaye A. said…
Too bad I wasn't free that day, missed to attend the event! :( I'll see you next time!

Kaye Awatin
Pax said…
too bad i wasnt able to attend the event! looks like you girls had fun:) love your outfit babe!!!
Krissy said…
It was great to finally meet you, girl from rival school! HAHAHA!
Ano ba, hindi mo naman kasalanan yun traffic no. Hehe thanks for dropping me and Maggie off!
Hope to see you again soon, Rovie :)
AVA said…
was suppose to go but biglaan can't :( aww seemed fun!:)
Kim Mendoza said…
Soo pretty, Rovie! :) Finally, a picture with Julia. I kid. haha
Thanks for following arnie :) Followed your blog as well (I've been following naman you :P) Til next time! :D
Thanks Joyce :)
Aaaw! Kaye sayang. I hope to be invited soon and finally meet you! :D
I would love to sit and meet you Pax!! :) Thanks!! :D
Thanks krissy! had fun! Haha at least we're friends kahit we're from rival school. :P til next time!!
sayang :) Grabe i can imagine seeing you, krissy, pax,kaye and arnie to be there! :D It will be an honor!!
LOL Kim! Pwedeng Scarlet Johanson nalang? :p

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