Under the Midday Sun

Dress (used as a top): NAFNAF || Skirt: Pink Manila
Bag: MAGS || Shoes: Costablanca || Necklace: Bubbles

Last Holy Monday Pao and I accompanied my cousin in Manila Doctors and before he drove me home to Malabon,, I asked him if we can tour around Intramuros and check for possible wedding venues. Obviously we took my outfit shot under the midday sun -- which gave me a hard time opening my eyes. Haha! and since it was scorching hot, decided to wear bright summer colors, just perfect for the summer weather.
And yes, Manila Cathedral is a beauty but we still chose Caleruega (Transfiguration) chapel over it. We have booked our wedding (this is it, I'm finally REALLY getting married) for next Nov 17 2013. And it was true that getting a slot in Calaruega was very hard! :( We initially planned to hold our wedding next Nov 16 (his birthday) or any 16th of the month that will fall on a Saturday but unfortunately all the 16th and other Saturdays  of 2011were already booked! (Some started booking since 2011!) So we had to settle for a Sunday schedule, the day after my fiance's birthday :).

But the important thing is, we're getting married :) I know its still far away, but we're planning it slowly and surely. And since most of the funding will be coming from our pockets, we need ample amount of time to save and prepare for it :)

For the meantime, kindly hype my look

Much Love, TBD
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Tara said…
Love the skirt. Bright orange and pink are my 2 favorite colors :)

Ann said…
loving the colors Rovi!=D and congrats again!=D
Kaye A. said…
Love the combination of orange and pink :) vibrant!

Kaye Awatin
Unknown said…
Yey. Finally! wedding in Caleruega :) i love your skirt :). Follow me -- http://dyspacete.blogspot.com
Fashionettista said…
love the color blocking! http://fashionettista.blogspot.com.br/
Arra said…
Love the colors!

Hope you can help me with my entry for the Spring Bloom Contest. Votes and favorites will be really appreciated! Thank you so much dear! http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/637833-Floral+Destination-black-stripes-from-bangkok-top-blue-floral-thrifted-skirt

Gela said…
aaahhh Caleruega chapel is one of my dream wedding venues as well (thinking waaay ahead)!!! i'm so excited for you, Rovie! :)

boat ride through the sky
thanks tara :)
hi anne! thanks :D
thanks dear!!
thanks so much kaye!! :D

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