Absolut Elyx Launch

Right after the UNIQLO event last Wednesday I met up with Megann and headed our way to Republiq for the Absolut Elyx launch. Our lovely friend, Angel invited for this event, which unfortunately we weren't able to witness cause we arrived late (Really sorry, Gel!). However, we still had little time to mingle and sip a bit of Absolut drinks served at the event.
With my forever partner, Megann of Style Surgery 
The gorgeous wonderwoman herself, Angel!!:) and met Verge of Right on the Verge.
And since the bouncers asked us to surrender our SLRs at the reception we decided to leave and take outfit shots at Resorts World. Here's a preview:
I loved the mirror effect and decided to take shots while looking at the mirror. 
Miss Sexy Back, Megann
Sweet & Innocent, Angel
Cute boy, Verge (Who I find really really cute. Lol :D)

It was a great event. :) Again, thanks so much Angel for inviting me! :D I am sincerely happy for getting to know and bond with blogger friends. And I hope to have more moments like this with great people like you :D

Much Love, TBD


rejille said…
wow i love the mirror effect sis :) super bongga ng dress mo, san mo nabili?

wild and fierce

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Kai Grafia said…
love the dress and the necklace!! super fab! :))

Megann Monday said…
Cute ni Verge!!! :P Hahaha. Love the photos ;) Awww, sweet. Forever partner! Haha ang random ng comment ko :p See you soon!

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Gondo niyo forever!!! ♥
Sumi Go said…
I'm not really a drinker, but I'd love to try the Absolut Elyx drinks! :D Anyway, love the mirror photos sis and your dress too! :D So dainty!!!
Kai Darul said…
i love your blog. it's my first time here. and oh, your outfit is so fab too.
uhm, i really cant comment on drinks since it's against my faith. :)
hmmm... la ako masabi, basta ang cute lng ni Verge! haha!

It’s a GIRL Thing
Carizza Chua said…
looks like you had so much fun ;) i love your dress!
Lizzie said…
I also love the mirror effect of you guys! Nice shots as usual. :)
Fashionettista said…
like ur dress! looks so girly here!!

Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
Thanks Megann! Kinilig naman ako :)
Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
Thank you Rovie! Hope to see you again soon! Pwede grab ko pic ko? :)
Chrisair said…
very very pretty you all look gorgeous
haha thrifted :D
eh sana kasama ka diba arns :P <3
thanks sumi :) absolut ely tastes like vodka. i still like their flavored drinks :D (curant, etc) haha! thanks :D
its fine ;) thanks kai!
thanks carizza :D
thanks so much lizzie!!:)
one of the few girly looks :) thanks dear!!
thank you verge!!:)
thanks chris :)
Hazel said…
i love your dress!! :)

Elise said…
beautiful blog, you've got a new follower ! :)
Fydez said…
Nice photos and beautiful outfits! X
dj catch said…
Verge and si Pao pinag biak na bunga! Hahahahaha


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