Asprey Bloggers Night

Last Thursday, Manila’s leading watchstrap brand Asprey threw in a party at Scarlet Lounge, the Fort to celebrate with fashion / lifestyle bloggers for a night of fun.  and treated fashion industry’s young bloggers for a night of fun! We were requested to bring out old watches and have an instant makeover by trading aged straps with fresher styles.
It is a World of Straps, literally! So many fashionable straps to choose from (and yes, Asprey has a lot to straps than can suit any style, age and gender!)
During the program, Asprey's Brand Ambassadors were also introduced.
asprey ba
They Lissa Kahayon (, David Guison (DG Manila), Kato Chua of Moonshine Garb, Myx VJs Joyce and Mike Advincula and College Jock & Model Victor Pring. 

It was a great night of mingling and "strapping." Great food and cocktails were served and a lot of us had a great night. And oh, here are the photos of some of the bloggers I met during the event:
Pleasured to meet Lana of Hautepot who I truly adore. (I love her looks of the day in Stylebible!!:D)
My friend's sister, Kaymie (who is now a lady btw) :D
Young bloggers Arra Abella & Adrian Guadalupe
Spent the rest of the night with these gorg ladies: Chesca, Raiza, Rhea, Patit and Kat. Seriously these girls are sooo fun to be with! (I feel so young with them! Haha)

It was a great event! Thanks Asprey for the invite :)

For those who wants their timepieces fit their style and personality, head on over to the Asprey branch nearest you!
Asprey has 40 branches in major shopping  malls nationwide and can also be found at LTimestudio shops! Go and let Asprey breathe fashion and new life to your watch.

Much Love, TBD


ruthilicious said…
Hi, I am new here ;)

I love watches, and I actually have some which needs strap replacement. Thanks for the share ;)
Lizzie said…
Nice! I miss attending blogger events. :(
thanks so much Ruth :)
guess ill see you next time :)
Fun event!! :) I'm really still sad na I missed this. :( Di bale, more to come soon!!! BONDING PLEASE ♥

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