The Cape Effect

Top & Skirt: Thrifted || Shoes: Folded & Hung 
Necklace: Anagon Collection

I sort of predicted that a lot will wear mullets and black during the PFW that's why I decided to wear something different when I went to SMX to watch for the first time last Friday. I wore this long neon pink top and i tucked it in front to give a cape effect and paired it with an animal printed / sequined skirt for some summer colorblocking

resized_IMG_9034 .

Of course I would not let this outfit post pass without the "playing around" shots. Haha. I hope you guys liked my first PFW outfit! A lot more to follow!:)

PS: Special thanks to Megann of Style Surgery for my beautiful outfit shots!
Much Love, TBD


Rochelle said…
I love your top :) Gorgeous ♥
Mrs. Kolca said…
Sure that top was thrifted? Wow, awesome find! :)
Demiurgicmajo said…
Your outfit was such an eye-catcher! Indeed! :)

Btw, let's follow each other??? <3

Carizza Chua said…
ganda girl :) love the color~
Sumi Go said…
I am so loving your tip and skirt sis!!!! :D It's soooooo fashionable and dainty, yet fierce at the same time! <3 I want to recreate your ensemble some time, pero I'll wear nude heels with the outfit siguro ^^
Kookie B. said…
Thrifted lang ang skirt and top??? Kaloka!!! Such great buys!
aianelle said…
I can't believe the top and skirt was thrifted! Awesome sauce! <3 Looooove this! x
Kaye A. said…
Finally saw you that dayyyyy! yeeee :)

Kaye Awatin
Tess Chancellor said…
Nice cape top from thrift store . i love the color.
Kaye T. said…
I love your outfit! I just couldn't pull this one off though. lol! It's very trendy, per color and design considering both top and skirt were thrifted...hands down to you. :) Love the necklace too.
kweshie said…
Totally love the look. especially the cape top! You are so good at finding cheap items!!!
Anagon Gonzales said…
Thank you Rovie! For being Anagon's walking mannequin of the month! :) HEhe! :)
ann lazo said…
love this! Ikaw na Rovie, <3
animetric said…
I super like the top! I hope I can find one like it. :)
Super love the cape effect of your top, babe! :) Ganda rin ng color! ♥
Gellie Abogado said…
mullet skirts are so in nowadays; but i still don't own one. haha! but i love this outfit of yours! parang greek goddess lang ang top and who would have known na it's thrifted?! :) the skirt is just so fierce! i love it :)
Claudineclairechua said…
ganda ng top!! :)
wow, Thanks claudine :)
i like your top sis, galing mo naman mag thrift shopping, hehe! ei, see you at bloggers united!

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Michaelmacalos said…
lovin' the cape effect! very chic!!
wow. Thank you :)
Lizzie said…
It's actually the sosy effect. :) Love the flair! :)
KT Villanueva said…
you are so stylish .

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