Before I go to bed, I'd like to post the outfit I wore at the Absolut Elyx Launch at Republiq with Angel, Megann and Verge (which I also wore to the Uniqlo event). 
I decided to look dressy cause I'd be attending a couple of events in one night. I didn't have time to change after Uniqlo so I decided to party in this dainty dressI thrifted just a couple of days prior to the event. Glad that its longsleeved -- presentable for a press release and a tutu--- decent enough for a party. :)
It was actually Angel's idea to take outfit shots in this part of Resorts World (cause she said that the lights were great) and we were impressed with our photos. We are so happy to find this happy place in the mall cause initially, Megann and I took our shots at a restroom. Which looked like this:
Dress: Thrifted | Shoes: F&H

And yes, the mirror shots are far better, right?
Anyway super thanks Angel for the invite (you are the best) and Megann for taking my photos :D

Don't forget to hype my look!
Good night :)

Much Love, TBD


wonderwoman45 said…
Haha. Natawa talaga ako na sa bathroom kayo nagpa-outfit shot. :p See you very, very soon, Rovie!!! :D Catch loves you. And I love that he does.

Hazeluri said…
Oooh where do you thrift-shop dear? Great find!
kweshie said…
the dress is really cute! :)
Giezelle Uy said…
pretty! i love the dress!does not look thrifted at all!NASA PAGDADALA YAN! ;p
Aaaw Im so touched naman Gel :) Love you more more! :D
Wherever. This one sa monumento :P
thanks kweshie :)
Haha IKR! Thanks Gizelle :D
Super duper love your dress!! :) Can't believe it's thrifted. Ayos talaga bargain doll! ♥ Haha see you this week!!! :D
Haha love it :) Thanks arnie <3
ei, girl! this one is one of your best look.. your dress is so cute!

It’s a GIRL Thing
love the dress sis! pero di ko kaya ang shoes! haha
Hazel said…
dalhin mo ko sa ukay escapades mo hehe! :P ang ganda ng dress!! <3

Sarah Olayvar said…
I love your whole look. It doesn't show that it was thrifted!:)
hahaha! thanks dear:)
sure! I'd love to :)
thanks so much sarah :)

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