A Great Night Over Chicken & Yogurt

While a number of bloggers are still posting about their Philippine Fashion Week experiences (which I still have a lot to post) I decided to post a little something special here in my blog. If you remember a couple of Sundays ago, I was with Angel and Krissy at SM North and we all had a wonderful makeover at KATE. Well, it wasn't actually the highlight of the day, but what happened after. :) 

Starved, the three of us went over to Trinoma to eat and meet up another blogger, Catch who had been waiting for Angel for more than 2 hours (haha yes, he loves her that much). It was my first time to meet Catch and with all honesty, I was quite intimidated at first.
Funny how we were all glued to our gadgets. Probably a blogger thing?

We first had dinner at Kenny Rogers where we had all our tummies full with their enormous servings of chicken. (Yes no joke!) then satisfied our yogurt cravings at Red Mango. I never thought that being with this people would be a blast. Well first I thought Catch was intimidating but no!! He's actually one of the funniest, coolest and nicest guys I met and we just.. clicked! (yes we have a #RoCa tandem haha). Then there's this super kaduper cute Krissy who is as charming and nice as she is in her blog _- so great to talk to. And oh, she has the appetite of a construction worker but wont gain weight  (how I  envy her!!) And of course there's my longtime (online) friend Angel who is a lot lot amazing in person. I don't know how, but she has this "magnet" that makes friends "cling" to her. Probably because you know she's sincere and very straightforward and you'd love to listen to her stories and all.

What was supposed to be a simple snack and get together at Trinoma became an all-nighter because of the great conversations we all had shared. My fiance, Paolo came with us also who did not feel out of place because of his funny gaydar. Haha. Then the super fun Mikko Carreon around, the conversation became fun to explosive. Oh cute how Mikko used to live in Malabon and is the brother of a childhood friend. What a small world.
Anyway, moving on, we had no choice but to transfer from Red Mango, we went to Bonchon and continued sharing our life, love and mishaps over fries, fish and yes, chicken. And oh! Probably the reason why we stayed is because we waited for Dan (or I waited for Dan) who came all the way from Binondo to Trinoma just to be with.... us :D
And I will never forget the moment when I asked him if he remembers me (from the ZALORA event) he said; Yes, you're MEGANN MONDAY, STYLE SURGERY" I almost fell from my seat. Oh well he couldn't probably remember me cause he was busy talking to Angel that night and he probably forgot about me and the other details because he was too focused on one detail.  And another thing Megann and I are sisters (from another mother) thats why we look alike. :) 

It was one great night -- met a lot of new people, discovered a lot of things and realized that you can actually be friends with bloggers. I never thought that they are so normal-- so normal that you could tease them, laugh with them and the like. I'm actually looking forward to more nights like this.. where you can just be yourself, share and listen to friends in person-- not online :)

Much Love, TBD


dj catch said…
Great food + great people + great conversations = FUN!
Sumi Go said…
Glad that you've gained a lot of friends IRL whom you've just met online.. :) Although I still value my hs and college friends, I've become close to a few bloggers. I didn't think I'd gain real friendship thru blogging, but it's just so nice that things like this happen.. :D Anyway, cheers to more fun with blogger friends!
Lizzie said…
You seem really happy and close to them. That's nice! It's fun dining out if you have lots of friends! :)
Jade said…
owww... i miss my friends & blogger friends tuloy. We haven't seen each other for 4months na. ka miss
yes. and i really appreciate it :) Thank you, Sumi!
yes :) Thanks lizzie :)
aaaw, i know how it feels :)
Aileen A. said…
I've met foodie bloggers before but I'm looking forward into meeting lifestyle bloggers :> I'm glad you had a great night with them :D

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