Like a Prof.

Yes. I know I look like a college professor on a normal working day. Having a grade of 250, I had to wear glasses everyday for me to see things far from me (I'm near sighted, by the way). And last Monday, I felt the wanting to look sleek and professional thus my outfit.
Glasses: Fifth Ave | Top: Thrifted
Watch: Nine West | Bracelets: Genevive Gozum
I love this earrings I bought from Edsa Central! They are so cute and I bought it for only 50 petot!
Pants: Tops & Totes (Greenhills) | Shoes: So Fab!
Cool how Paolo took that dramatic photo, e? Since he was having a hard time taking my whole body shot, he decided to have that "blurred" effect to give my photo a little drama. (May ganon!)
And just because I really feel like a professor in my outfit I had to make this Miss Tapia  pose. Hehe.
Sorry for posting this -- I needed to reward my awesome fiance for taking my outfit shot! and for that, he got a kiss :D
tee hee! :p
Anyway, kindly visit my look :)

Much Love, TBD


Gellie Abogado said…
love the pants! wish i could wear one like that and still look amazing ;)
Megann Monday said…
Fiance. Teehee :") I get so kilig whenever I hear you say it or read it on your blog. Love your red pants! Grabe!! Bongga lang :) Can't wait to see you!

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Jhavoomorgia said…
Taray ang peg! Bonggels! =))
Kaye Tinney said…
Very pretty ensemble...I really like your top! The color and style will definitely match any bottoms. How sweet, fiance was the one taking your photos. Sana si hubby ko din mahilig.. but nope!
Lizzie said…
Great outfit on a working day. :) I love the color combination, too!
Kiki said…
Hello there sweetie! Great outfit!
Check my new post!
Hope to hear from you!

Hope you're having a great evening!

My cooking blog, support me:

xoxo Kiki
BlogGirl said…
sweet! ;)) same tyo near sighted din ako pero d ko lagi sinusuot glasses ko. hha nice outfit sis! prang ang strict ng dating :D
Fashionettista said…
seriously pretty here darling!!
kath said…
love your pants! :) cute glasses! nasa 200+ rin grades ng eyes ko :(

Loving your hot pants and your shoes, dear! I'm actually wearing a similar outfit today but more safe with my white top and brown pants. Hahaha :D I wear contacts everyday. My grade is 375 :(
Arra said…
Fierce look! Hot teacher!

Belatedbloomer said…
Ang cute niyo naman. :) Love the earrings by the way!
Eunice said…
The red pants instantly brightened your outfit! Love the ensemble as well as the witty title of your post. :)
Hazel said…
simple look but well put together! :) cute naman ng kiss mark kay fiance :P

Roxanne said…
i love the fierce look rovie, too bad di ko kaya mag emote sa camera haha
love those red pants and the miss tapia look! :)
Galing talaga ni Paolo!! :) Haha you look so gorgeous and fierce, babe! ♥ Kinilig ako sa inyo ni Pao! More kwento soon ha!
parang prof. and sexy professor!... hmmm, di makakapag concentrate mga student mo nyan kung nagkataon, hehe!

It’s a GIRL Thing
pop champagne said…
cute outfit, I loveeee your glasses and the red pants!!
Marilou said…
Love the look, so pretty and bold!

Rockin' the red pants, wish I could!


Twenty York Street
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Kaye A. said…
Love the sophisticated look! :)

Kaye Awatin
kaye super thank you :D
wow.thanks <3
sana you're free na :) yes please i have so many utang na kwento and vice versa!!!
haha! :D practice makes perfect perhaps?? :P thanks!!
hhaha! cute how it marked no?thanks :D:D
wow, thanks eunice :)
thank you <3 hihi :)
haha lakas maka daya :P thanks arra!
wish i could wear contacts but had an irritation a couple of years back kaya bawal na magcontacts :) thanks dear!!
aaaw! hassle mgagglasses diba? bawas ganda points :P haha thanks kath!!
thanks so much dear!!!
haha!! thanks :) im sure people thought you're suplada pero the truth is you just cant see them :P haha!!
thanks kiki!!:)
thanks lizzie! :D
haha. well he was irritated at first but learned to love it eventually. thanks so much kaye :)
haha!! thanks!!!:)
ano ba megann i feel like a g2g here coz i love you hahaha!! :D thanks!!
of course you can gellie!! :) thanks!! :D
Sumi Go said…
Loving your pants sis! :D And I feel you! I wear glass everyday since my grade is already up to 400.. :( I used to wear contact lenses, but I haven't bought a new pair yet.. >.<
Vina Yabut said…
Bongga ka Rov! haha. Ikaw na ata pinaka fashionable if ever! :p

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