Making Progress

I don't know why everytime Paolo and I do something wedding-related, I always dress up as girly and as feminine as I can. It is probably the "kilig" that exudes and very much expressed on how I dress up (or I just wanted to make pa-cute to my fiance, haha). Anyway, I wore this one Saturday, when Pao and I attended a wedding fair at NBC Tent, The Fort. And I wanted to look and feel sweet thus the simple dress and sweet accessories from Anagon Collection.
I bought this cute shift dress at an ukay in Munoz a couple of months back (for only P60, btw) and finally had a chance to wear it. Though I got it for a very very cheap price, the size was too large and I had to make some adjustments in order for it to fit.
And since I find my dress too simple, I re-used my Anagon headpiece and turn it to a belt. It started as a bright idea at the moment cause I had no belt and the dress was too big, and I never thought that it wont only help me look cute in my dress but it was also very functional :P
Of course, had to make an Anagon overload by putting on my ever favorite bib necklace.
Jellybean flats that made me soncomfortable while walking around and shopping for suppliers (which is the best and the most confusing part, hihi).
One of my few smiling shots
And his stolen shot. 
It was fun and tiring but super worth it. For that round of supplier shopping, we were happy to be able to book Nice Print photo to be our photo/vid for our wedding.

And I'm so happy I'm making progress :)

Much Love, TBD
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Kessa Thea Peralta said…
Love the headband turned into a belt. :-)
Earlier I was looking at your belt and was trying so hard to decide whether it's a part of your dress. This is a very smart outfit! =)
Jhavoomorgia said…
NicePrint is the best when it comes toevents! Icansee the bloomin your face.Stay in love! =)) Lovely dress btw!
Steph Jiang said…
You look so sweet! I love how you turned a headpiece into a belt as well - I couldn't tell at all!

▲ ▼ ▲
valour & lace
I love buying stuff from ukay! When I find a piece that's super nice, I get really overjoyed! hahaha Love your accessories here. I can see why you use them often. So cute! :D By the way, congrats on your upcoming wedding :D
Carizza Chua said…
turning the headpiece into a belt was a bright idea. love the combination :)
Kaye A. said…
That is a gorgeous dress! great find!! Parang gusto ko tuloy mag ukay :)

Kaye Awatin
Melandriaromero said…
indeed beautiful, so fab , i so love the nails too.
go kaye!lets ukay together haha!! :D
thanks carizza! :D
haha yes theyre my favorite :D thanks so much michelle!!
yes!! :D thanks haha in love lang :P
haha thanks maimai!:)
thanks kessa :D
thanks so much :)
Really love how you turned the Anagon headpiece into a belt!! Bonggels babe! :) Haha you look so maganda as always. And here I go again with my super kinikilig feeling whenever I read your pre-wedding posts ♥
that was great, a headpiece into a belt was a great a creative idea... fashionnista's are very creative, right? i sometimes used my belt as necklace, too... haha!

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