Mullet over a Skirt

So this is what I wore at the Asprey's event last Thursday at Scarlet Wine lounge at Taguig. Decided to look very fun and colorful as I wanted to make the most out of the remaining days of summer.
Necklace: Anagon Collection
Dress, used as top: Random
Pink Skirt: Pink Manila | Mullet Skirt: Maris
I really like this Maris mullet skirts for its very summer color! Since the skirt is really really short, I covered it to another super short pink skirt to give that color block effect. It looks really yummy, right?
Hot pink pumps: Janylyn
I actually re-wore this outfit after the event to take better photos. You can see some of my sweat on my nose cause it was really hot while we were shooting at Pao's veranda. Haha. Anyway, I hope you liked my outfit and how I layered my skirt with a mullet. It was a fantastic buy from Maris :)

Kindly hype my look :D

Much Love, TBD
Photos by: Paolo Peralta


So pretty! :) Ganda ng outfit and colors babe! ♥
aaaw :) thanks arnie for being so sweet <3 love you!
pop champagne said…
the skirt is really pretty, and love the colors in this, so bright and vibrant!
Kaye A. said…
Loved how you styled it!

Kaye Awatin
Lhyzie ♥ said…
Love the last picture and the heels <3
Sumi Go said…
Love the colors sis! :D I still haven't worn a mullet skirt and I don't think I'll have the guts soon to wear a bold outfit like that.. But I want to.. ^^
wrey said…
Great color combination sis! What an eye candy! ;)

P.S. Perhaps we can follow each other, watcha think? . ت
ileOdarod said…
I love the color combination. so eyecatching!
Marilou Moles said…
I absolutely love the colour combination that you've chosen and yes, why not take advantage of the last dog days of summer!


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Lizzie said…
Nice color combination. :) So refreshing!
bagay sa yo sis. And I finally saw how nice a mullet could be if there is a small skirt underneath. nice style! :D
You look super cute! I'm loving the concept. Hehehe Also, I want those platform heels!! I need some color in my wardrobe! :D
Mjay Vicente said…
Im glad i found your blog .. i likey much the way you dress up . swear ! :)) looking forward for more post . God bless ! :))
Beautiful combination, the colors are so summery! =p
Sofiescloset said…
Really cool outfit, I love all the mixing colors!
Arcee Camps said…
what a cool way to dress's really a fun color combi - so summer!
Chrisair said…
I love the color of your skirt and shoes, bagay na bagay
Carizza Chua said…
stand out outfit <3 so summer!!
animetric said…
The mullet looks very versatile, I think it can work with leggings or skinny pants too. :)
yes will definitely consider! thanks :)
thanks so much carizza!! :D
thanks chrisair!:)
thanks so much arcee!!:)
that's great to hear :) thanks so much!
thanks so much mai mai :)
thanks michelle!:)
thanks so much sigrid :)
why not try!!:) Go lang dear!! thanks sumi!:)
aaaw thanks dear <3
wow thanks kaye!!:)
thanks!! its a great compliment!!:)
thanks wrey!:)
mseggplant said…
very cute and interesting :)
it's so nice... so creative outfit... i love the color combination, too!

It’s a GIRL Thing
Love the necklace! That would also look so good as a cuff bracelet. =)

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