My Summer Ice Cream

Yes it's summer and one of the cheapest thrill to do this time is to indulge in a cone of pinoy sorbetes. So when I saw "mamang sorbetero" outside the church last Saturday (after my nephew's Christening) I just had to treat myself one. 
And yes, I took the opportunity to have an outfit shot.
Dress: From Greenhills || Shoes & Watch: Nine West || 
Belt: From Singapore || Pearls: From Palawan

I felt that my dress was too simple and the best way to style it is to add a little fun in the photo, hence the use of ice cream as props. (or I just want to document my "sorbetes moment") Either way, I love this shoot cause I was able to relax a little and smile on the photos. Very different from my usual "papaya smile" / fierce look :p I wore this anyway to my nephew's christening last Saturday at Sta Rita de Cascia Parish hence the "formal" look.
My nephew, Avery and my Mom. 
My gorgeous lola & I
Avery's Godparents
The proud mom & my twin sister, Aivee (she's my cousin actually)
Our angel :)
And I just had to include him here. Haha
Had to make this post really quick as Ill be working on my reports for tomorrow :)
and i have so many in store as to what happened to the ZALORA launch last night! It was a fun event!

Much Love, TBD


Joanne Choi said…
The nail polish you have on your toes are so cute! It matches your shoes and even the ice cream :)

Olib_popeye said…
Love your multi color belt! =)
nicole said…
wow! I really love your outfits girl! you're like the filippino version of wendy's lookbook! :) love love love!

oh... that ice cream is so tempting... yummy! i like your dress, sis... the details on the back is sexy! ei... add some pics from zalora event na, hehe! *excited*

It’s a GIRL Thing
Belatedbloomer said…
Looove the belt!
Kookie B. said…
Nainggit ako sa dirty ice cream!!!! Waaaah! Gusto ko tuloy. Haha!

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