Picture Taking Not Allowed

Its 5 AM and I'm blogging. I know its way too EARLY but I just woke up a couple of hours ago from a very long nap. Probably the best way to regain that sleepiness is by blogging. Anyhow, sharing you guys what I wore last Monday when I attended the advanced screening  ANTM Cycle 18 Episode featuring Francis Libiran's Hello Kitty Collection. Blair invited me to event that happened at SEVENTH HIGH, The Fort and gave me a meet-up time of 4 PM. Since I had nothing to do that day, decided to have lunch with Paolo at the fort hence the relaxed outfit. (Which I think is a bad decision cause I didn't expect the event to be 'party style' -- haha)

Before Paolo and I had lunch, we decided to take my outfit shots at Serendra. The lighting, and the backdrop was perfect so we took the opportunity to take pictures.

While taking pictures, the security guard approached us and told us that WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to take photos in the area! We were even asked (in a security guard yabang tone) what's the shoot for and we replied that it's for my blog and still asked us to stop. Pao and I were a bit surprised (and disappointed) knowing this as we are only taking photos for personal (and blog) use. We probably intimadated the guard as Pao was holding a D3000 and he kept on saying that I look like a model that's why we were reprimanded (cause the guard probably thought that it was for a professional shoot which I think is stupid cause we were normal people obviously). Furious and disappointed, Pao and I went somewhere else where no security guards were around to continue to taking our photos. 

Dress (used as top): THRIFTED || Skirt: SPACE

Headpiece: GIRL SHOPPE
Bangles: GENEVIVE GOZUM (which I returned because the color sticks to my skin. Look!)

Wedges: JANYLYN (that I got for only P299! It was the last pair and fortunately it was size 40! and my feet are ginormous enough to fit on it! Haha!)


Anyway, I'm not familiar with this "rule" of NO PICTURE TAKING ALLOWED in Serendra / BGC area. Are you fashion bloggers aware of this? I've noticed a lot of places where security guards  were reprimanding us for taking photos (just like the Blue Wave, SM MOA area). Is it really not allowed, or we just look intimdating cause we're using DSLR?

I hope you can shed me some light here folks.
Or just find another place to take my outfit shots to prevent this from happening again.

For the meantime kindly hype my look on LOOKBOOK

PS: Changed by top to this peach tank top I bought in TOPSHOP (for only P190--woot woot) cause Pao kept on complaining that my top is too revealing. Haha. And yes, I wore an orange+black ensemble the whole day :p
Much Love, TBD
Photos by Paolo Peralta


That's the biased thing about Filipinos.. they don't allowed fellow Pinoys to take photos, but if you're a foreigner they don't bother.

Well some establishments, have this weird policy for their "security" purposes. There are some modus operandi that a person act as a photographer, and make a shot of every places, but their purpose is to study the layout of the establishment, security setups, etc. What they don't realized is that, foreigners CAN also do that.. People are very matalino. They are also afraid to be "copied"

Well in my case, even in some shops I can still took photos.. I use this 'flirting' strategy, which really works :) (but I don't advise it to some, okay) haha
Channie ♥ said…
aw, too bad! That guard should've let you take photos! But even though it happened, your photos are still great nonetheless! :) You're so pretty and fashionable! And your fiance is such a good photographer! :D
Claudine Chua said…
glad you still got beautiful photos! too late for the guard. :P
love the whole outfit :)
Ningllorin said…
They really don't allow pictures taken in that area especially if you're using SLR.

Anyway you look gorgeous in the photos though. :)
Arra A. said…
I think you should really take photos in places where guards are not around :) Still, the photos you took are great! :)

Carizza Chua said…
hello again! that was just a simple lookbook shot, i hope they'll stop that rule. you look gorg btw :)
I like that "flirting strategy" blair haha. Siguro nga. But heck, its just for lookbook. oh well i should probably go somewhere without security guards! haha :p
Thanks channie!! My fiance learned through time narin. Haha :)
fortunately! :) At least I have some decent shots to show in my blog! :D Thanks!!
Haha probably intimidated them :) Thanks!:)
I really hope so! My problem now is where to take my outfit shots! :) haha thanks so much for visiting carizza!!
Maggie said…
I like the first top. :P It really goes well with your outfit. :P
i know the fiance kept on bugging me to change and bought the most affordable I saw haha :) thanks maggie!
Rhea Bue said…
Rovie!!! :D found your blog too! yey! :D
I don't think the first top was too revealing naman sis :)
ok naman siya. sexyyy! hehehehe :D
I think they just a rule if it looks like it's for commercial use. What they don't realize is that it's just for personal use nga. Try using an ILC-type camera since it looks like a normal point-and-shoot lang but with DSLR imaging results. =)
Kathleen To said…
i'm adoring the print on that skirt x

Krissy said…
I like your outfit :)

I agree with Blair, it's for security purposes nga. Sa office ko nga, bawal kahit camera phone. Para raw di makalabas yun layout, etc. But ang weird nga kasi outdoors naman kayo nagpicture taking. Oh well, madali naman tumakas ng paisa-isang shot minsan :)
hi sis, i like the print of your skirt...

It’s a GIRL Thing
Megann Monday said…
I didn't know there was such a rule! But I suppose with a place like that, they do require a permit if it's a professional shoot and having a DSLR, it's bound to be mistaken for one. Takas na lang yan! Hehe ;) I've shot a couple of outfits there too before naman. Anyway, you look so great! I love the head piece. I can never pull off something like that :(

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Awww! sa pagkaka-alam ko po, walang ganung rule dun :) Hihi! you look like a model po kasi kaya akala ni Manong Guard it's a photoshoot.
Kaye A. said…
Lovin the graphic print of your skirt! :)

Kaye Awatin
life is a shoe said…
love your skirt! love the colors and print!
I didn't know that rule, huh! *_* You're right, naintimidate nga lang talaga yung guard siguro! Lol. But anyway, you look gorgeous with those shots babe! Love your skirt and your bag! ♥
ROXY said…
Masyado ka daw kasing maganda rovie kaya ganun . chos! but i encountered such thing na din, tipong they'll ask you a permit pa and the permit is galing sa city hall eh for personal use lang naman. NAKAKALOKA! :) anyways, deadma nalang teh! maganda parin ang shots mo :)) love your skirt and your shoes superb!

thanks rhea :) the bf was probably disturbed with my bra peeking out LOL :p
yes i think i sould consider that :) thanks so much tin and for visiting too :)
Thanks so much kathleen :)
kaya we're practicing to take outfit shots na as fast as we can :D haha! thanks krissy :D
labo talaga megann. haha as if naman, pero baka they've mistaken us to be professionals. Haha! thanks so much dear :)
ay di naman! baka si boyfriend mukhang photographer. LOL :p
Thanks so much kaye!! :)
Thanks so much <3
Haha! Thanks so much arnie :):)
Vina Yabut said…
Hi, Rovie!! Thanks for the comment! By the way, below 1k lang for both items yung natype-an mo sa outfit ko! haha. Super steal! Anyhoo, you have na ba a make up artist for your wedding?:)
Vina Yabut said…
Kalurky naman ang BGC. haha. Kelan pa naging bawal mag picture sa public place :p
nicole said…
I'm really loving your outfits! you're what inspired me to currently scour ukay shops and try out an outfit of the week post. hahaha... anyways I think you're Philippine's own version of wendy's lookbook (a fashion blogger from outside the country that I adore though her outfits are mostly for cool weather... )

Stay gorgeous! :)
aaaw i feel so flattered here nicole :) Glad you like my posts and yes will try your "outfit of the week" segment on my blog. thanks so much :)

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