Sweet Look for a Sweet Goal

For the second time, Paolo and I went to Tagaytay last Labor day holiday to take another tour and look for wedding reception venues. Since we are doing something "sweet" decided to look sweet (and super kakilig) as well.
I don't know what's with yellow (or orange) but I found this color a favorite one for summer. I love how its refreshing to look at and brings out a fairer complexion. I didn't intend to have an almost monochromatic look but hey, I think it worked out!
Top: Thrifted | Headband: Girl Shoppe
Skirt with Belt: Plains & Prints 
(I bought this beauty in the recently concluded BPI outlet sale for half the price! Got it for only P500. The print is so lovely!)
Watch: Nine West
Another BPI Summer Sale sulit buy! I got this sosyal looking watch for less than P3000! I couldn't resist buying it cause sayang naman yung savings. Haha!
Shoes: Liz Clairborne
Sweet and light make-up on the face. If you're wondering what I used, it's Maybelline Liquid Foundation, Aido Blush-on, Ever Bilena's Off Beat Pink mixed with Avon's Tangerine Rush. Topped with Cover Girl Pressed Powder. Yes my make-up's a mix of cheap and affordable items and even though sometimes I'm shy to admit the brands that I use, I'm a bit proud when people get surprised to learn that I'm using local and cheap brands but still look expensive. (Hehe)

anyways, here's a peek of the venues we considered and visited.
Discovery Country Suites
We like the ambiance. Cool, cozy and most importantly it has a good view of the Taal Volcano. What we don't like is the reception will be held on its lobby which is too small, it could only accommodate a maximum of 100 guests (150 can worked out but they have to be on a separate area. :( )
Colossian Gardens
It's a big and very promising garden. I liked it upon entering but when we see the covered pavillion (photo above) we were a bit disappointed on how the roof looked like. (Looks like tarpaulin covers for us) It's really affordable though, and I'm thinking I could get this place and hire an event stylist to beautify the place but the fiance did not agree.
Estancia Hotel
Greek inspired. The function area was really big but we're looking for a garden themed wedding with a good ambiance. I personally liked their gaming room (photo above) however functions are not allowed in the area hence the broken heart. 
And then out of curiosity we went to this "undiscovered" beautiful garden in Tagaytay
Photo from Hillcreek Garden's Facebook page

We were not able to take photos cause we were awed with its beauty. We felt that chills upon seeing the place and exclaimed "this is it." Although its a bit pricey, I'm happy that my fiance is willing to make this place the venue of our reception. It's so heavenly. I almost cried when I saw this beauty. :)
And I think the fiance chose this over splendido. Cause they almost have the same rates, but this one is  a better charmer :)

And although our wedding is still November of next year, we are already preparing as early as now so funding would not hurt that much. :)
I'm excited. Can you feel the love already?

Much Love, TBD


Re said…
Your outfit is so sweet and you look lovely wearing that skirt. :)

Welcome to visit my blog. Would you like to follow each other xx

Claudineclairechua said…
woah, i'm excited for you! :)
sweet look + sweet goal + sweet couple <3
life is a shoe said…
i LOVE your skirt! it's so pretty. also, congrats on finding a venue! its gorgeous!
carmiscaprice said…
pretty sis! btw, i like the estancia hotel lobby!

Am a new follower of your blog. Followed you through GFC. Please follow mine,too!

Looking so pretty and fresh here, babe! :) AHHH Nabibitin talaga ako with your pre-wedding stories! :) Catch up soon okay. xx
Kookie B. said…
Pretty, pretty look!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Sandali! Dami kong na miss. You're getting married? WOW!! So excited for you, Rovie!! XD
Kaye A. said…
The place looks really nice! :) Love the print of your skirt btw :)

Kaye A.
thanks so much, Re! :D
aaaw thanks claudine :)
thanks dear!!:)
i like the lobby of estancia too! :) however the function hall is not impressive. sayang :(
catch up really soon arnie! :D thanks!! great to see you last night!!
thank you kookie! especially last night, aliw :)
haha medyo may namiss ka nga! yep im engaged na :)wedding's next november pa. medyo long engagement ang peg? haha! :D
thank you so much kaye!!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
no! it's just right! omg! i'm so excited for you!!!! XD
Hzel Uri. said…
Can you pleeease tell me where to buy a bag like that? Been looking for the perfect bag since forever (last week)! Thank youu!!! Oh i'm from ph too :D

Arra said…
You look such a darling :)

Haha! :) I'm shy to admit but got it from Greenhills! :p
thanks so much arra! :D
Hzel Uri. said…
it's very very nice!

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