Uniqlo Philippines' Cast Party

UNIQLO, the global apparel brand for Japan announced their official Uniqlo Cast for the Philippines last May 16 at Intercontinental Manila. bloggers and people from the media were invited to discover the Filipino celebrities chosen by UNIQLO to be the face of their high quality and fully functional clothes.
It was probably the question of the night: "Who will fill in this photo and represent Uniqlo in the Philippines?"
And with all honesty, I was really curious.
The event started with Chico & Delamar as hosts.
and was opened by Fast Retailing Philippines Inc Operating Officer, Mr. Katsumi Kubota.
And one by one, the casts were revealed:
ut sillouet
You got a basketball star, a singer, a rockstar and a dancer. Can you guess who they are?
ut stars
Yes you guessed it right! The Endorsers of Uniqlo Philippines are Chris Tiu, Nikki Gil, Chito Miranda and Iza Calzado! 

It was a great mix of endorsers as each of them has a unique personality, (athletic, sweet, fun, spontaneous, girly) making them perfect choices to embody embodies Uniqlo's brand philosphy "Made For All." Despite differences, it definitely shows that Uniqlo has a wide range of collection that can cater to all fashion-loving and value seeking pinoys out there.

Overall, it was a fun event. Great cocktails were served, the program was promptly followed and a lot of people were there to witness the cast party. And to see more of the photos that transpired during that day, here are some that I can share:
Reunited with my first uniqlo event seatmates, Helen Blas (Lucky Citrine) & Blair Villanueva (Legazpi Fab Moda)
Met awesome bloggers, Anagon (The Fashionsita Commuter) -- who I feel like an old friend cause we have so many friends in common, Hehe!; Nicole (The Dress-up Doll), Paul (The PR Guy) and Kelly (The Travelling Boots)
and of course, Helen and I (being super seatmates haha) have to have this mirror and outfit shot!
Sneak Peak of my shot of Helen's outfit :)
And this is what I wore.

Outfit shots on my future post :)

PS: Thanks Sir Richard Mamuyac and Uniqlo Philippines for the invite! Til next time:)
Much Love, TBD


Megann Monday said…
Ganda mo talaga girl!!! Excited for your outfit photos, love! Alamonayon! ;) Hahaha. Oh and could you e-mal me mine please? :) Miss you na agad. Sobra!

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
I'm currently making a Megann Album hahaaha!! :) I love your meg! super miss na kita!!
Rhea Bue said…
woah! this is cool Rovie!! :D Nikki Gil is part of them na? nice!! :D
sana makakapunta ako sa event na ganyan someday. :D sa August!!! kase anjan na rin ako Manila. <3 <3 <3
sana magkita tayo!!!! :D
I love Uniqlo's promotional poster! Especially the colors of the piques they're wearing!
Love your outfit, too! :)
yes please!!have been wanting to meet you in person as well :)
thanks dear :)
Helen Blas said…
I love being your seatmate, Rovie! Puro chika chika tayo. Thank you rin for taking shots of my outfit. Ang artee lang. Haha! See you again sa next fasyon na event. :D (Uniqlo ulit? Haha)

Followed your blog!

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