Zalora PH Grand Launch

Last May 9, I was invited to witness the launch of Zalora Philippines at Skye Lounge at The Fort. I'm really ecstatic for this event cause I was looking forward to meet a lot great fashion bloggers and bond with some "online friends" and fortunately my expectations were met. And I have to credit my "bathroom moment" with Megann, if I haven't bumped into her in the bathroom,I would probably not have a great company to have dinner with and party the whole night. (Hihi.:D)
Had dinner with Megann of Style Surgery at CBTL then Raid my Closet's Arnie & Jacky Moraleda followed and they became my official "dates" for the event.
We arrived just on time but the event took awhile to start so we enjoyed some free flowing drinks and chatted with other bloggers in the event.
With the Wonder Woman herself,  Angel! I've known angel for more than half a year and she's one of my first friends (and followers online, and vice versa) I'm so happy that I am finally able to bond with her and discovered a lot of things in common! :) and now im looking forward to more bonding sessions (:D) :D
Finally met Kath of Iam_KBC andJulie Anne Lozada of Its a Girl Thing! We've been blogger friends for so long and we were both very happy to finally meet each other in person! :D 
Spotted: Fashion Bloggers Alyssa Lapid, Kookie Buhain, Aisa Ipac and Lissa Kahayon
Megann and Kookie's "chummy photo" aaaw, I'm so inggit :D
With the super bait, Kookie :D
Jacky & Arnie
Yay met another blogger friend!! Hazel Peralta (who i think is my fiance's cousin haha) of It's Me Hazel Peralta / Here Goes my Blog)
And since there were too many people in Skye I wasn't able to take a good shot of the event. 

It was a great event! Congratulations Zalora PH for your very successful launch :D

And probably the highlights of my night:
Met my fiance's cousin in an event -- Ate Jenny who is a mom blogger :) Cute how we always make plans on meeting up and ended up seeing each other here :d
Meeting and being with great blogger friends.
Photos grabbed from Zalora's facebook page

Kulitan moments with Angel (Wonder Woman Rises),  Aisa (Drowning Equilibriums), Kookie (Death by Platforms) and Mich :D I'm so glad to be able to chat and bond with them for a short while, and discovered how fun, kalog, and hilarious they are. :D I hope to see them guys again really soon :D

Outfit shots to be posted soon :D
PS: Thanks so much ZALORA PHILIPPINES & NUFFNANG PH for this opportunity :) Til next time :)

To start your online shopping experience, visit zalora's site here.

Much Love, TBD


animetric said…
Wasn't able to make it due to another commitment but I'm looking forward to online shopping at Zalora. Seems like a wildly successful launch. :)
rejille said…
awww, ako i wasn't able to go, have summer classess eh, super layo pa samin :) i'm sure i have enjoyed tlaga kung nagpunta ako :) anyways join my giveaway :)

join my giveaway:win 500php worth of GC's at La Piadina!
Megann Monday said…
I was looking for that "chummy photo" with Kookie. Nasayo pala haha. It was great to finally meet you! Sobrang sakto pa kasi I think kaka-comment ko lang in your post about the guard not allowing you to take photos in High Street ;p Hahaha! See you soon ah. Let's plan to hang out na! :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Awww it was REALLY great to bond with you that night, Rovie babe! :) More dinner dates and shopping ha! And pretty please do allow me to grab some of our photos babe. Will include them in my blog post! Hihi love youuuu ♥
wrey said…
We were invited as well but we we're not able to make it. Sayang! Great photos! :)
Carizza Chua said…
that was one cool event. i wasnt able to make it cause I was really tired that day. hope we could meet in person soon!
Sam Lanuza said…
You girls were very gorgeous too bad I didn't have the chance to attend. I have work :( Hope to see you all in person next time. :)
yes it was :) i hope to see you soon in other events :)
aaw sayang :) next time :D
haha! yes yes, on wednesday I guess? :) thanks for your super sweet post megann! kinilig ako :)
please!! :D we still have lots to kwento about! :)
sayang!! next time :D thank you!!
i really hope so carizza!! :D:D it will be an honor!
i hope so too :) thanks sam!!
Helen Blas said…
Ooh I should have gone there! :) See you some other time, Rovie! Perhaps sa Uniqlo again? :)
so i guess ill see you on weds?:)
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :D It would be awesome to meet other fashion bloggers too and make friends :) So far though, I've only bonded with the beauty bloggers pa lang hahaha :D See you around! :D
opppps... just read all the comments here, don't forget to invite me, huh!... it's going to be a fashion blogger reunion in manila... haha! oh well, i'm so happy to meet you talaga! :0

It’s a GIRL Thing
Cha Sy said…
Nice dress! Gaganda at sexy ninyo lahat! Ate Jenny is there! Sayang! I was downstairs. I did not went upstairs because a blogger told me there's no food ha ha ha!
Kaye A. said…
Oh men! so bummed to miss this one! Looks like you girls had so much fun..

Kaye Awatin
wonderwoman45 said…
Words cannot explain how happy I am na we were finally able to bond. :) See you on Wednesday. And you'll meet Paul na! :) Hahaha.
Lhyzie ♥ said…
wow! i was invited also pero di ako nakapunta :(
Lizzie said…
Wow! Happy gals! Glad you all had a great time! :)
i really hope to see you soon michelle :)
aaaaw sayang! there were cocktails naman which we enjoyed :D haha :)
aaay Im so excited for that angel!! :D:D yeeeee!!!!
sayang! okay lang may next time naman :D
yes :) thanks :)
Nisa Yaptinchay said…
Hi Rovie! This is Nisa from ZALORA online PR. Thank you so much for featuring the ZALORA Grand Launch in your blog! Were so glad you enjoyed as much as we did! Please continue to support ZALORA and spread the word! :)

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