93rd Monthsary at YABU

One of the cutest and most romantic gestures Paolo (my fiance, and boyfriend for 7++ years) and I have is celebrating our monthsary religiously. I know, when you're a teenager, or a new couple, celebrating monthsary is mandatory but for "old" couples like us (who have been having monthsaries, anniversaries since 2004) monthsys are quite umm, normal.

But not in our case. Celebrating our monthsary every 16th of the month has been a tradition. For SEVEN years, we make sure that we greet each other once the clock strikes 12MN (Yes, teenage habits never grow old!) and a special lunch /  breakfast / dinner date must be set on that special day.

And for our 93rd month, Paolo chose to celebrate it at YABU.
Paolo personally chose this place (no not because he has Japanese blood) because he has been wanting to try the best Katsu everyone is raving about. Being a Japanese food lover himself, he cannot miss the chance of trying out a great resto like YABU

And as expected Yabu exceeded our expectations.
resized_DSC_0017 resized_DSC_0021
Look at the excitement on Pao's face while grinding and making his tempura sauce
Since I'm addicted to pork tonkatsu (or anything that is deep friend and breaded), I made sure that I ordered their Hire Katsu Set (150grams!!)
And oh, wow! It was a piece of heaven. I've never tasted pork tonkatsu that is as tender and as crispy as Yabu's. I'm a bit particular with meat's tenderness cause its always been hard to bite / cut (food pieces) using my teeth (cause of my bite problems resulted from wearing braces). But with the Hire set, eating was a breeze. And I also loved how the breading sticks to meat perfectly -- it won't come off (as what normally happens on other Katsu). Adding the perfect japanese rice, miso soup-- my Hire Set was indeed orgasmic.
On the other side, Paolo (who is always in "diet" mode) had 150g(!!) Chicken Katsu which he also enjoyed. I loved the fact that he kept on saying SARAAAP every 3 minutes on our meal (which he does everytime he's blown away with any sort of food) and had 3 cups of rice (take note: he stopped / decreased eating rice for since January!) just because he enjoyed the food so much!
Obviously, both of us left the place with happy tummies and happy smiles. We've never enjoyed Japanese food as much as we enjoyed YABU and yes, we are reccommending it! (The reason why I am writing a blogpost about it because we are so overwhelmed with YABU's great food). Aside from that, the staff are so friendly and warm that made our dining very comfortable.

After our "perfect date" at YABU (did I mention that we purposely not eat breakfast and lunch just for this? haha!), we watched Prometheus (which I regret) and made a little shoe shopping in between. It was one of those cute, laidback dates we had and I truly enjoyed it. It makes our relationship feel so young and fresh. :)
And oh, I would like to share to you my current facebook profile photo. :) A lot of people were tricked and thought that we've gotten married already, but not. This was taken a month ago at a friend's wedding which we took to give us a preview of what's bound to happen Nov 16 next year.

PS: It was actually my idea to collect the flowers on the table and pose like this. Cute and sweet!:)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

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Royce S. said…
OMG! Authentic Japanese! Everything looked almost the same as the katsu resto we had lunch at when I was still in Japan. So sumptuous!:)

You're so lucky sis! 93 months and forever! God bless both of you:)
Rizza Javier said…
So sweeeet! The hubby and I still celebrate our monthsary too. We've been married for 5 and had been dating for another 7. Whew! Anyway, I love your Yabu review. We should try this when we get back.
Faith said…
WOW! you guys have been together for so long! Adorable!
The food looks so good! I would love to try it when I visit the Philippines <3
Stay happy and in love hun!
Yabu House of Katsu said…
Thank you for choosing Yabu for your monthsary date! We are loving your story on how Paolo says "saraaaap" every 3 minutes! :) See you again soon at Yabu!

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Bella Morcen said…
Keep on smiling! <3

Coleen said…
You guys look so good together!! And that tonkatsuu sure does look great! My mom knows how to cook tonkatsuuu! :)
i love Japanese foods, i should try this one! oh, i thought you're married na nga because of that pic! haha!

It’s a GIRL
Airra Pingol said…
ohmygosh, best wishes in advance sis!
BTW, i love ur necklace.
Alexis Grace of NorthOnHarper said…
Wow! What a sweet tradition! We don't celebrate our monthly anniversary- but we do try and take the time spend special time together! Lately it has been challenging (new job, new city, etc etc)- but it is important to staying connected!
Sumi Go said…
Wow! You're such a cute couple, and so sweet too! :D The boyfie and I have only been together for 2 years, but there are times I actually forget it's our monthsary already.. hahaha.. Anyway, continue being sweet and loving to each other. Best wishes! ;)

PS: Just sharing my Yabu experience with you. Try the appetizers next time, the wakame and potato salads are reaaaaalllly gooood!!! :D
Carizza Chua said…
yey you've tried yabu! and youre still sexy and slim after the heavy japanese meal, that's unfair! hahaha
animetric said…
I love Yabu! Hands down the best tonkatsu in town. I've only tried the Rosu though, next time I'll try Hire like you did. :)
thank you so much :) yes foreverrr na haha
aaaww that so sweet :) yes its a must try! :)
thank you more yabu!! :) we enjoyed and we are definitely coming back for morreee :)
thanks so much. so long but still so in love chos :P
thanks bella :0
yes it is :) thanks alexis :)
yes! ive tried the wakame and yes theyre good!! :):) haha try to celebrate it once ina while :P
hahha you haven't seen how much my tummy grew na carizza!! hahahaha
thanks :) its worth the price :p
thanks wow! i envy you can eat tonkatsu everydaaay :)

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