Yes you guessed it right. This is what I wore last Saturday for the Axe Anarchy Event at Eastwood Mall. Since the event exudes sexiness, I decided to look fierce, edgy and feminine that day. 


Top: Mon Petit Boudoir | Studded Skirt: | Shoes: Jellybean
Rings: Kiss Accessories | Necklace: Tin Iglesias (Bu3)

I've always wanted to wear this studded skirt I have thrifted a couple of months back but I never had the chance until that day. I never thought that I could actually pull off pairing studded to printed top but I guess it worked (like a prints on studs look, e?). And probably because it looked a little sexy, (with the corset and the red lips) I was mistaken to be one of the 100 girls to join the axe anarchy. Haha (you can read about it on my Axe Anarchy Event post)

On other news, I have been getting a lot of positive comments about my skin. A number of friends are asking as to what I do with my skin and gets surprised to learn that I've never stepped foot on any derma / facial centers ever. Wanna know my secret?
Will be posting about it soon :)

For the meantime, kindly hype my look:

Much Love, TBD


Arra A. said…
Wow! I love it! Very edgy! Fierce!

love, love, love this outfit! perfect from head to toe!

It’s a GIRL Thing
Roxanne said…
love the edgy look rovie! gorgeousness :D
Very fierce and sexy naman, babe! :) Perfect combination of red lippies and edgy outfit!
thanks dear :D
love you arnieee!!
iampinkvanilla said…
i so love your fashion statement here...perfect combination.
you are awesome Rovie!
i'm not so much into Twitter....just love reading blogs....and one of those is The Bargain Doll's!
bless you....
iampinkvanilla said…
your blogs don't bore all your pics<3

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