Another Milestone

Top: Tops and Totes || Jeans: H&M ||
Shoes: From Greenhills || Bag: MAGS

Before heading to the Fashion Confidential event a couple of Saturdays ago, the Fiance and I first went to Juan Carlo's food tasting event at Fernwood Gardens. Since its another "for-the-wedding-event" I opted to look a little feminine hence the lacey top and bag. But as always, wanted to put a little edge on my look by putting on an animal printed shoes (which I got for 450, btw :p) and my ever favorite pants.

But the most important part is what transpired during the food tasting. :)


Paolo and I fell in love with the food that they served (Salmon, Chicken, Desserts in particular) that we cannot help but book their services on the spot. We loved everything-- the presentation, the set up and even the tiny details such as flowers and decors! Moreover, Juan Carlo do not have an out of town charge, giving us a lot of savings for our upcoming wedding reception.

And yes folks, as early as now -- a year and a half before our big day, almost everything is set for our wedding. We've already booked our church (CALERUEGA), wedding reception (HILLCREEK Gardens), photovid, (NICEPRINT PHOTOGRAPHY) and caterer, (JUAN CARLO). Yes we might seem like we're very excited but we are really preparing super early so (1) it will be easier to finance [Half million is a lot of moneeey!] (2) We would be able to book our "dream" suppliers and (3) We won't be stressed out preparing for our wedding.

As of now we are still looking for wedding coordinators, mobile / dessert bar, wedding gowns and the like. If you have any suggestions dear friends, just throw them in :) But hey, don't forget to hype my look :)

Have a great day everyone! I have so many backlog posts to share to you guys!!
Much Love,TBD


Jhavoomorgia said…
Cant wait for the wedding day Rovie!!! =)))) <3
nicole said…
do you want your wedding dress made to order, and designed by yourself or something that's ready made? I had my wedding last year and I know someone who does gorgeous clothes and intricate beadings for an affordable price.. ^^
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Kei said…
Loved the lace top! And hey, it's never too early to be prepared for the big day! Congrats! ;)
Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
I love your look! Your lacey top shouts that you're a bride to be. :)
I super loooooove the food! More than the perfect wedding I pray you'll have the perfect marriage.

Em Sar said…
love the look! :) especially the top..
Super love your top, Mommy Rovie!! :) :) KWENTUHAN NA KASI SOON!!! Love you always!!
Megann Monday said…
I'm so happy for you and soon to be brother-in-law! :) These all sound so good. Good luck with the other things you still need to book/look for. It's better to plan ahead talaga :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Thanks megann love! I should properly introduce you to paolo! He'd be happy to know my sisterrr :) Haha :)
Yaniee said…
Cute look! Loving the top! <3
baby girl naman kasi you're too busssy :P sige sige soon!!! :D
Thanks Em :)
Haha! Yes please and be blessed with a good looking boy like you HAHAHHAHA :P Joke verge!Thanks!
thanks kei :)
thanks nicole! yes please will super appreciate it :D
Me too pero super tagal paaa haha!! Thanks :)
animetric said…
The car at the back adds to the whole vintage vibe. :)
mutzii said…
Congrats Roviedear! <3

By the way I just wanna let you know that I've nominated you on Versatile Blogger Award ;D
wrey said…
Wow! Half-million budget? That's HUGE!!! :)
We're looking forward to your BIG DAY!
Nice lace top and shoes btw! ヅ
Phylicia Pineda said…
Congrats Rovie!
Hi Rovie! ;) So planned. Love it, no hassle.
Try MJ events. Hmm. I don't know their page or contact, but I know a person. You can look for Melchor M. Omanito Jr. He's a host but they do wedding coordinations. :) Hope you'll consider.
Marie Castro said…
Hi Rovie, long time! :)) Try contacting Mr. Melchor M. Omanito Jr on facebook. They coordinate events.
Hope you'll consider!

Have a happy wedding! <3
thanks yanieee :)
Hsboschke30 said…
I love the lace and jeans combo - so fun!

Carizza Chua said…
love your lace top here! <3
Mewi0515 said…
for wedding gowns, veluz reyes is the best.
Cai said…
Love the top Rovie, it's so you!
Lizzie said…
I super like your top sis! Mahilig ako sa ganyan! Hehe.
Hazel said…
AWWW ROVIE!! i'm super duper excited for your dream wedding! and at the rate that you're going, you'll be done with your "list" in no time! :)

Btw, hope you can join my ongoing giveaway:
Kaye A. said…
Lumalabas pag ka gorgeous mo on girly and feminine outfit.. I love it! :)

Kaye Awatin
thank you so much :):)
wow thanks for this! hope i could find time to do the same thanks so much girl for the award!! :)
thank you so much wrey :) A bit big but my fiance wants a great one :) haha!
thanks so much :)
wow thanks so much marie!! :)
thank you love <3
yey thanks :):)
Thanks so much Cai :)
thanks so much for your recommendation :D
hihi thats great sis :) thanks!!
yeee :) Thanks so much haze! super dami pa like mga gowns and etc :D hahaaahay but its fun preparing actually haha :)
comment of the day ko to girl. haha *kilig*
mutzii said…
I love that lace top by the way! Been searching for such but couldn't find something "mura". HAHA. I just don't spend too much on top kasi. :D I'm so glad I found your blog. It educates newbies like me - a LOT. Keep it up! :D
rizzalana said…
Well it'll be nice if you're all set this early, para wala ng stress months before. Happy for your dear!

Gorgeous top!
thanks so much rizza <3
Koko Tamura said…
all i can say is... the food looks great!!! and fernwood is so magical.... i love that place.. it can turn any ordinary night into one awesome event...
chelinumerable said…
Love your outfit! And its good that you're preparing for your wedding in advance. Best wishes to the future bride and groom :)
ruthilicious said…
OMG dear you always, always look glam! I just attended a wedding of a friend last Friday, and I love hearing about weddings.. couples in love. ;)

I guess preparation is one of the best things about events ;)
thank you :D
thanks so much dear :)

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