Axe Anarchy Manila

Axe, the popular deo spray for men has launched ANARCHY-- a scent to cater for male and female. And their way to introduce it is to create the sexiest cops and robbers game ever. But, before I go on and share you what happened during to the event, I have a funny story to tell you guys.
The event proper was supposed to start 6PM last saturday, but there are happenings as early as 1PM. Since Pao and I came from the airport (and has nothing else to do) that day, we decided to go early and check the event as early as 2PM. Being a super early bird, I went to the registration booth and introduced myself as a blogger. With the staff being a little confused, they let me in and suddenly found myself in a room filled with beautiful ladies! HAHA! It was funny how the people mistook me to be part of the game!!! They thought I'll be one of the 100 ladies (probably because I was too dressed up) and even gave me a meal! HAHA. Good thing, I was able to assert the situation, correct the mistake and was given the proper "media" pass.

Pao and I spent sometime in Starbucks for a couple of hours and let the "incident" pass before heading back. And when we went back to the Eastwood Mall actitvity area, here are what we captured:
Spotted: Sam YG
The excited fiance who can't wait to see the Hot girls that will join the anarchy
Me! - finally in the proper area :D
The crowd and the celebrity participants
Sarah Labhati
Bangs Garcia
Hosts for the evening: Marc Nelson and Ramon Bautista
And the Anarchy begins!
Wild? Well there are marshalls and security blocking the way of the 100 ladies to find their male match. Each female has an exact number code to a male participant, and whoever finds her match win Php 1M each. However, the guys have to go to the other side (red and blue) every 30 secs, making girls run and chase them! It was a bit of a challenge, I must say!
Spotted Mother D's high heels! Di ko alam pano sya nakarun ng bongga, pero winner sya sa outfit! :)
Tired lang?
Mocha Girls

And the presscon happened after, where we were able to see the celebrity participants. Here are some of the females spotted:
Megann Young and Sarah Lahbati
Kyle Padilla
Stef Prescott and Nadine Samonte
Blogger Ruth with Sheena Halili

I wasn't able to take more photos of other celebrities (cause I drained out of battery) but I have the photo of the couple who won the anarchy!
Petra Malimuyak and Eric Losloso (who also is a blogger, btw)  Congrats guys! Funny how Petra shared how she found Eric and just dragged him out from all the nippies, abs and the like. 

Big thanks to Ruth (Ruthilicious) for being a great company. and met Vince of WHEN IN MANILA Cool Beans!
Of course thanks Ms. Stef Juan for the invite. It was a great event!

For more information, visit Axe Philippinne's pages:

Of course, Thanks to the fiance, Paolo for coming with me and taking (some) of the photos. I know he enjoyed more than I did. Well he still can't get over the beautful ladies he saw that day. And yes, we loved the new Axe's Anarchy scent so much that we can't stop using it. :D 

Til the next event!

Much Love, 


Pahn said…
You should have proceed in being a Cop... You could have won that million... Hehehe.. I should have tried what you did^.^.

I guess I could do that on the next event... Hehehehe
Jeemah said…
nicceeee! :) Panalo talaga c mother V sa outfitey noh? :) and kalowka babe, sana sumali ka nalang sa 100 ladies! haha :)

Jem :)
ruthilicious said…
Thanks for posting pictures! ;) I looked so bangag. Walang tulugan yan Haha
haha girl muntik na ako sinali!! :) haha yep winner sya sa outfit! :p
korek girrrrl! :P thanks for being a great company :p

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