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Dress: Thrifted | Boots: Fioni (Payless Shoe Source) | Necklace: Random

So before  my friend, Jacky and I head to Opus for the Flique Magazine Launch, I'm making a quick outfit post about what I wore last Sunday (for Fathers Day).  This was probably one of the laziest outfit I've ever worn, because (1) the weather is sooo multipolar (2) my lola doesn't want me to "dress up" Haha! So that Sunday, we went to Pasay to pick up my lolo from the airport who came from Dumaguete for a 2 week vacation. And since we arrived a bit early (we were at the area at 4pm, while my lolo's arrival was at 6pm) we decided to go to Resorts to grab (late) lunch. 


Another food post? Haha. I just wanna share to you guys my Stackers experience that Sunday. I'm not much of a burger person but I personally loved this one. I love the juicy, tasty patty paired with the veggies and great dressing. And my lola enjoyed the nuggets as well! I also loved the fact that they serve iced coffee (which I'm addicted too) :)
And o, did I mention that we were able to avail of the Fathers Day Promo cause they thought Paolo was a dad already. Haha! Free fish and chips in an instant! (I wasn't able to take a photo, though)

Anyways have to go now and party like the 90's for Flique :)

Much Love, TBD


I have those boots too! :)) You look stunning on them! ♥
Nicole Paler said…
hi! I don't know if my first comment showed up... anyways I love the boots and the neckpiece... it's so fab, but not as good looking as that burger. haha it actually made me crave for some.. ^^v

please do visit my blog sometime ate rovie, I have a surprise that i hope you'll love...
Marie Coleen said…
I love your sweater dress! great finds as always!!

Im hosting a giveaway check it out sometime!
Roxanne said…
am in love with this outfit rovie! super cozy and fasyon :)
Hazel said…
omygosh ginutom ako sa stackers!!! i love their burgers too! :)

omg, the burger is inviting me. i wanna eat that! lol! nice dress, btw!

It’s a GIRL
Dea Win said…
I love taking pics of my food too :). I need to incorporate that in my blogging experience ;). Cute tribal print too.
You better werk girl!! Love that dress and your pose. The freaking burger looks JUUUICCCYYYY....
AlexiaO said…
I love the dress and boots mamaroves! :D
Unknown said…
Yummmmmmmy!!! Craving for one already!!

Love your outfit ate!!

Arnie said…
Looove this chill outfit! :) Perfect for the kaguley na weather natin! ♥ See you tonight!
Arra A. said…
You made me crave for burgers with this post! Dress down pero fasyon pa din, girl!
Vonae Deyshawn said…
I absolutely love the tribal feel of this outfit. The dress and necklace are gorgeous!

Vonae Deyshawn

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