Beanhunter: A Coffee Alternative South of Manila

Last Independence Day, I was invited to visit Paolo's house in Merville Paranaque for a birthday party. And since we were already in the area, Pao's cousins invited us to their newly opened Cafe down South, which is Beanhunter Cafe.
I think most of you know that I'm a coffee lover, the type who could not survive a day without a cup of coffee, and I frequent coffee stalls a lot -- Starbucks, Coffeebean, Bo's and even Mc Cafe (which is honestly has the best Iced Mocha for my taste) and when I was invited to Beanhunter, I got more than excited. 
Located in Isabelle Mansion Edison St. (In Sun Valley, Paranaque) Beanhunter is a brainchild of Paolo's uncle, Mr. Reggie Guevarra. Apart from typical coffee shops, Beanhunter offers a new coffee experience -- something fresh, fun and satisfying!

To my surprise, beanhunter is not just a coffee shop, but actually a restaurant on its own! They not only offer hot & iced coffee drinks, but also has a wide range menu that can fill your tummies from breakfast to dinner! They have light meals such as sausages, fish and chips, pasta, sandwiches and even heavy (and for sharing ones) such as Maxine Fried Chicken (not in the photo but I tell you, tastes like Max's or even better!), Baby back ribs (another winner!!) pinakbet, and the like. Its a good place to fill your tummies and experience homemade and freshly cooked meals.
As for the coffee.. it was great! It actually has a distinct coffee taste that I look for a coffee. (You know that when you drink an iced mocha, you can really feel that its actually coffee based..) I got the iced mocha and to my surprise it was tasty! Little did I know that it has 2 espresso shots (without me asking) on the drink already (really great to perk you up!)

So for those looking for a coffee alternative down south, or looking for a new resto to try out, Beanhunter is a good place to visit! 

For more info, like Beanhunter's Facebook Page

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Arra said…
The food and drinks look good! You are starting to be a foodie! :)

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