Best Dressed for ODM

When we received to be in our most ODMish outfit for the LTIMESTUDIO x David Guison event at Capricciosa Greenbelt, a lot of us were a bit confused on what to wear. Hence the hashtag #bloggerproblems sprung on twitter. 
Since I honestly do not have an idea what to wear, this is what I came up with:resized_DSC_0378
So.. ODM Fashion. I've always thought of ODM as playful, sporty, techy and fashionable at the same time. Thus, I decided to put on all those elements in one outfit. Wanted to have a playful look, with the pink polka corset top; sporty with the shoes and fashionable with the leather skirt. And I never thought the mix up would actually work..
Top: Mon Petit Boudoir || Leather Skirt: Thrifted || Shoes: ROME
Necklace: Supersale Bazaar || Bracelets: Random
Outfit photos taken by Kat (Thanks girl) :D
But it did! That event, I was awarded best dressed and took home a fab ODM watch. It was actually a surprise as its my first time to be awarded best dressed in an event filled of fashion bloggers. (Insert an overwhelmed, happy girl here)
And as bloggers, we all took our outfit shots outside the resto at Greenbelt 3. Lemme share with you some photos I took:
With Kelly, Jackie, Shen, Arnie, Aidx and Kat.

Had fun with you guys :) Til our next event!
PS: Thanks to Sir Edd Matias, for the invite!

Much Love, TBD


Gondo kasi :) Well deserved ang "Best Dressed", babe! Thank you for posting our photos! ♥ Next time talaga mag-picture na tayo together agad agad! HAHA! And oh, I still can't believe na thrifted yung leather skirt mooo!!! Take me to that ukay, babe :( HAHA
Miss Bee said…
love it! you deserve the award! It's really edgy and fierce! <3
Jhavoomorgia said…
U really deserve it! beautiful Rovie!
Kat Valdez said…
Yaaay! Bet na bet and leather and pink outfit! Miss ya babe! <3
Annecmambi said…
Beautiful pictures :D
Giezelle Uy said…
i like your outfit!!!!!i love pink on you!pretty!
Gellie Abogado said…
lovelove your top and your shoes! what's your size? i'll steal 'em from you!!! :D
Bella Morcen said…
Rovie, good job! I wanna join you guys in the next events. :)
Kaye A. said…
Nukss! Best dressed! you deserve it.. I love this outfit! :)

Kaye Awatin
Megann Monday said…
Lakas naman! Best dressed ang sister ko :* Woot! So sexy in that tube top and leather skirt hihi.

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
shopgirljen said…
ang sexy lang! well deserved the best dressed! woohoo! :))
haha thanks jen <3
thanks kaye <3
kahit tiis ganda sis! haha :) I miss you! love you girrrlllllllllllll <3
size 10!! haha medyo malaki lang :p
thanks bella. yes please join us :)
thanks so much giezelle :)
miss you too! thanks kat :)
thank youu :)
thanks miss bee :)
haha next time arnie!! :) promise yan!
Lizzie said…
Nice! Congrats for getting that award. Well-deserved!
animetric said…
Ah, this is the winning outfit! I like complete look with the white blazer. :)
Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
I wouldn't be surprised that you're awarded best dressed! Congratulations!!! :)

Congrats on being voted as best dressed. I love the neck piece.
Tess Chancellor said…
you look gorgeous , no wonder you won the 'best dressed". i like the necklace.
Lhyzie said…
Beautiful picture :) The dress suits you :)
Jade said…
You look Gorgeous, I love the pink polk dot tops and your shoes. ♥
thanks lizzie :)
thanks dear :D i wasn't able to take a photo with it, sayang :)
haha! thanks verge!! :D love you!!
thank you :)
thank you tess!
thanks lhyzie :D
thanks jade!! :D
I love your bustier!

please visit me too:
congrats sis, no doubt... best dresses ka talaga! stunning ang beauty and outfit! hehe
yay! di tau nag abot sa BU3!

It’s a GIRL Thing
thanks justine :)

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