Bloggers United 3 Experience

Bloggers United is the event that I honestly look forward to every year. More than seeing the bloggers I look up to, I am also excited to score affordable fashionwear from the bloggers themselves! And for its 3rd installment, I went alone but looking forward to bond with bloggers who I became friends with.   However, it was a quick stopover cause (1) I came all the way from Malabon after doing a family errand, and (2) I have to go to another event. But with that quick "shopping," I was able to take photos and let me share them with you.

The girls who welcomed me upon arriving at the event place. Hello Arnie, Jen and Gie!
Sarah's booth is the first I saw upon entering. I still have a lot to buy from her closet.
Super cute trio, Krissy (I loved her lace gloves!), Ava and Reg
Denise (of Simone's Fashion Closet) and Jen
With Kelly
My super crush, Paul Jatayna (who is so down to earth and lovable that I never thought he'll recognize and talk to me even if we exchange comments on lookbook. Super Bait lang!)
The Marvelous, Joanna Ladrido
Spotted Laureen Uy sorrounded with a lot of followers! :)
Kookie and my twin sister, meg :)

And if you're wondering why I didn't have much pictures (of myself) it is because (my official photographer) Paolo wasn't there. So I (mostly) shopped alone and took pictures on the event alone -- until I left with Megann to go to another event..

Which I will blog about next time :)

And oh, please join my FIRMOO GIVEAWAY! It'll be on going for a month!

Much Love, TBD


Jessica said…
this looks like such a fun event! that is a bummer your friend that takes pictures of you wasn't there :(

Aileen A. said…
This is so cool! A lot of fashionistas all in one place <3 I didn't have a chance to drop by to this place despite gaining some free tickets in :(( But I can see you had fun! And I love the photos--I feel like I've been to the event myself, haha! Hope to meet a lot of bloggers in the future.
So great to see you there, Mommy! :) Sayang lang we didn't get to chika much. Both of us were busy! HAHA Love youuu! Thrift shopping next! ♥
Carizza Chua said…
i missed this one because of workkkkkk hahaha sayang next time na lang :)
animetric said…
Ah I've never been to Bloggers United, hopefully next time. :)
I wish I am in Manila so I can join blogger events such as these. :)
nora a said…
Wow! How could I have missed such events? I've never been to this event, hope to be there next time. Laureen is so pretty.
Abinavarrete said…
lovely shots! missed the event too.
great blog dear!

Hope you visit my online shop and like the page:
Lizzie said…
Nice! Daming fashion bloggers and may celeb pa. :)
Donna said…
weeee. Saya naman dyan. Sana andyan din ako. Gusto ko sila mameet. sana lang next time makapunta akooooo. :(
a bit sad but had fun going around the area though :)
thanks so much really hope to see you soon :)
please lets do the ukay shopping na :P
sayang girrrl! haha next time ;)
hopefully! thanks :)
thanks yes she is :)
thanks next time hope you can go :)
hopefully next time :)

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