Candy Colors

Blazer: Thrifted | Corset: Mon Petit Boudoir
Pants: UNIQLO | Shoes: Jellybean

Another quick outfit post I'd like to share with you guys as I kill time and wait for Paolo before we head to Republiq for the 7 For All Mankind Event tonight. I have shared to you that last Saturday, Pao and I went to YABU for our 93rd monthsary and this is what I wore. Wanting to look sleek and feminine that day, I decided to put on girly colors and top it off with a white blazer for a "smart" and "sexy" look. I initially wanted to wear only the corset and the mint colored jeans (for some candy colored outfit) but since Pao doesn't want me to look too bare for a mall date, decided to cover it up with this handy blazer I thrifted months ago.

PS: I'm already wearing one of the items I bought from my UNIQLO gift cheque :) What a smart buy!

So what do you think about my look? Decent and feminine enough for a date?

Share me your thoughts :)

Much love,


Arra A. said…
Very classy, Rovie! Love your white blazer. It exudes sophistication! Belated happy love-sary to the two of you :">

I love this look...the color blocking...the super cute blue pants and polka dot shirt are hot! Your shoes are unique and so cute. You look great girl! I remember visiting Uniqlo when I was in Japan. It's such a cool store.
carla said…
very chic, definitely ready for a date <3
Salvee said…
such a simple yet classy outfit!:)
disqus_ULyxp7T7TQ said…
i love your whole outfit! and the colors! you look gorgeous! :)
maureen roco said…
super cute corset Looks great with those pants!
Arnie said…
Love everything here, Mommy!!! :) Candy colors indeed! ♥
Thea Perez said…
the necklace is nice. :) From where po?
Kaye Awatin said…
You look so pretty on that colorful outfit!

Kaye Awatin
Twitter: @thestyleflux
i really love that pink corset, sis! i want one...

It’s a GIRL
Vonae Deyshawn said…
What a great thrifted blazer! Who would have ever known. I'm a total sucker for pink and polka-dots. Love your look. : )

Vonae Deyshawn
Rhea Bue said…
Roviiieeee!! :D Love the colors!! :D super cute! perfect sa shooooessss!! <3
love it! you're gorgeous!!! :D
Carizza Chua said…
love the colorful outfit! and it matches your shoes too <3
CMG also have that kind of shoes :)
Kookie Buhain said…
This is cute, Rovie!
Dacy Pie said…
I ADORE this outfit! It's so cute! Pink and blue are two of my favorite colors! ♥
Dacy Pie said…
I adore this outfit! Pink and blue are two of my favorite colors! They go so well together.
thanks so much! yes, uniqlo has great items :)
thanks carla :)
thanks salvee! :)
thank you :)
thanks mau!! i miss you hope to see you soon!! :D
indeed :) thanks so much baby girl!! :*
ANAGON COLLECTION :) check she handmades it :)
aaaw thanks rheaaaa <3 nafflatter ako when you visit my blog!
thanks carizza love <3
o my thanks kookieee <3 kinilig na naman ako andito ka haha :p
thanks dacy!! :)

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