Hip in the Skye

Headpiece: Girl Shoppe || Tube top: Random
Vest: Thrifted || Pants: Pink Manila || Sandals: So Fab!

So this is what I wore to the Status Earthly Delights (and BU3) a couple of Saturdays ago. Since status' event is themed hippie-chic, this is the best that I can come up to. If you can see, most of the clothes I wore were actually recycled. I never had the time (and money) to shop for more clothes so I'm reinventing them. Haha! I hope you guys like this look. :)

Another event post coming up! :D
Thanks so much again to my sister, Megann for taking my outfit shots. :)
Much Love, TBD


Earthlingorgeous said…
nice outfit rovie dear :) this was at Sky Lounge Earthly Delights Events right? BU peeps were not able to come coz sabay sa BU3 See you around again! Earth
Jhavoomorgia said…
Wow, you gave justice to the theme! I love the hippie boho look!
Hazel said…
nice outfit! love the layering of dreamcatcher necklaces!!

and yes rovie, i'd love to collaborate with you sometime!! :)
carla said…
super chic!

yes konti lang nakapuntan nga :) see you soon again earth :)
thanks so much :D:D
thanks so much carla!:)
Sumi Go said…
I'm loving your boho chic getup sis! Super love the vest and the pants! <3 How I wish I can also sport a similar ensemble.. :D
wrey said…
Lovely outfit interpretation! :)
Lhyzie Bongon said…
I love your outfit. Bagay sayo :)
Simona said…
You look perfect!:)

Love the accessories!
Kookie B. said…
You're rockin' this look! And in fer, I love the vest! Did you drop by BUB3 ba? Parang I don't remember seeing you. :?
yes i was there kookie :) i took your photo with megann :) haha and we also have a photo but blurred sya haha :P
thanks simona :D
thanks so much :D
thanks wrey!!
hautepot said…
Love that vest Rovie! Looking good :)
wee thanks lana :D

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