When I received an invite to attend One Hyundai Club's Fashion Confidential, I couldn't help but get excited. I've been wanting to attend a "styling" workshop cause up until now, I still don't consider myself a pro in styling. Thus, I take advantage of opportunities like this as this will help me learn and improve more of my personal style, and even styling others.
Our instructor, Ms. Shaila Araneta, an image consultant at John Robert Powers shared styling tips based on our figure, skin tone and height. All of us were very attentive, as we all wanted to learn how to dress and accesorize properly in which Ms. Shaila did not fail to offer. We were very fortunate to learn a lot of tips (like avoiding vertical stripes, which print to wear, what color of accessories should we wear, and the like) that (for me) made us feel more confident in dressing up and stepping out of the crowd.
Aside from learning styling tips, Fashion Confidential became more memorable cause I was in the company of great bloggers such as Lana, Jen, Kai and Karen. Great food were served and the ambiance is so intimate that made us appreciate the event even more. And most importantly, I won Zalora and Plain & Prints GCs in the raffle! (Woot Woot)

And if you're wondering why a car brand like Hyundai offered a fashion-inclined event, well don't be surprised coz this is just one of a number of perks One Hyundai Club offers. One Hyundai Club is a club made for all Hyundai car owners that is dedicated to reward members with  benefits that is aligned with their interests and hobbies. May it be fashion, sports, gadgets, entertainment and food, all hyundai club members have activities in store for them.

If you want to experience how its like to be a Hyundai Club member visit their website or their facebook page :)

Much Love, TBD


You're always so lucky with raffles, babe!! :) Congratulations and I'm happy for you with all these success! ♥
Lia A. Chandra said…
yuuummmmy fettuccini *drooling
Arra A. said…
Galing! Congrats on winning! The event looks fun nga!

hautepot said…
Hahaha :)) those pics of me are hilarious! Nice hanging out with you there Rovie!
shopgirljen said…
I love our picture! :)) Inggit ako sa gc mo haha :D Congrats! See you soon! Mwaaaaaah!! :))
Anonymous said…
how cool!!
haha oo nga e. sana palagi :P lol! thanks love!!
haha, looks great but there are better tasting pasta:)
you're so cute kaya lana :) haha see you again soon!
haha!! see you again ate jen! wont forget our mrt escapade haha :P

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